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"    A         N    E    W         L    I    N    E         O    F        T    H    I    N    K    I    N    G    "  

On June 10, 1989, Shrii P.R. Sarkar, after having delivered not less than 38 discourses on the subject of microvita, introduced what he referred to, in brief, as ".. a new line of thinking, other than philosophy..". This special scholarly lecture was published under the title "Microvita and Cosmology".

History has shown that true paradigm shifts are not the field of theoreticians, but of deep intuitional survey. Hence, P.R. Sarkar emphasized that we should increase our conceptual powers (especially through spiritual practice). Also in philosophy this idea is familiar: "Tayoh siddhih Saincara Pratisaincara ca" (proof of this is the existence of the extroversial and introversial phases of the creation). "Siddhi" generally means "occult power", and specifically refers to the power of direct, comprehensive knowing or simply, insight.

This way a new and revolutionary view on creation can evolve so that we all can learn the secrets of microvita. Once there is growing clarity of concept, this can be related to theoretical frameworks as well as to existing physical, philosophical, psychological and historical paradigms, in order to make it more widely acceptable.

This website is dedicated to the new line of thinking on cosmology envisioned by P.R. Sarkar, and studying it "in the mental and physical lab".

Therefore, microvita science is for all - it is neither the exclusive domain of those having access to elaborate research networks and facilities, nor that of a spiritual lifestyle. Yet, to increase the meaningfulness of microvita in society at large, scientists should equally be inspired so that extensive laboratory research can be done.

S    C    I    E    N    C    E         F    O    R         S    E    R    V    I    C    E         A    N    D         B    E    A    T    I    T    U    D    E

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Introducing Microvita and Cosmology


Subwaves at the heart of Shrii P.R. Sarkars new cosmology

Why are subwaves called this way? Because they are undetectible. They exist and move solely within the Abstract of subspace. They move with mathematical synchrony, in perfect solidarity, so that each wave seamlessly merges into the totality of all others it relates to. This is why, unlike main waves, they remain hidden or occult.

Yet, if it were not for that synchronized state, the existence of subwaves could not be inferred. It is only through the synchronized spectrum of the Abstract, that contraction and expansion are caused within the Macrocosmic Arena, and this activates and propagates the flow of similitude of a detectible main wave or inference.

Further specialization may occur, in the form of subtle modulations creating an endless display of dimensions and media, and these subtle modulations in the synchronized state of the infinite ocean may be called microvita.

The creation of the universe out of the Abstract with the help of microvita, the mysterious
"missing link" of cosmology?

This is an artist's impression of a new cosmological approach ("a new line of thinking, other than philosophy...") given by Shrii P.R. Sarkar during a special scholarly session on June 10, 1989. Above diagram is arranged in a way which emphasizes the physical implications. See the original discourse and additional notes here.

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Microvita versus philosophy - new approaches, new solutions - July 20, 2014
Non-dogmatic, non-ambiguous interpretation of "Brahma Cakra" may allow cross-correlation with contemporary theory

The seat of consciousness inside our brain - July 20, 2014
and its relation to Shrii P.R. Sarkar's microvita cosmology, philosophy and meditation
- Can the "Doer-I" and "Knower-I" faculties be located in the brain?
- "Are we our brain", according to Dr. Swaab's hypothesis, or are we more than that?
- What could be the physiological basis of Guru Cakra?

Beyond heuristics - from an educated guess to a new line of thinking - June 23, 2014
- How are we using, and how could we use our conceptual powers?
- Do Quantum Physics and Relativity theory represent true paradigm shifts?
- Are we limited by our sensor- and motor organs?
- What means going beyond the heuristical viewpoint psychologically?
- Is there a need for dystopian future scenarios?

"Phi" - sense and non-sense on the role of the Golden Ratio in creation
- June 23, 2014

Inferences vs. tanmatra's
- June 25, 2014

What are the Guna's - June 12 , 2014

What are microvita - May 27, 2014
A causal analysis based on the new cosmological approach given by Shrii P.R. Sarkar, with practical application and evidence in the field of bio-psychology. At the special occasion of the 25th. Anniversary of Shrii P.R. Sarkars introduction of microvita cosmology (June 10, 1989).

Are Krta Purusa ("Doer-I") and Jina Purusa ("Knower-I") of the Universe equal in position and significance? - May 10, 2014

Subwave Cosmology - April 29, 2014
How the heart and mind create reality through bifurcation of the substratum

A few guidelines for studying positive and negative microvita

When using the terms "positive" or "negative" for microvita one should bear in mind that with respect to their characters this does not entail any qualification. But in terms of their effects, both positive and negative microvita can be used or work out positively or negatively.

It is of greatest interest to interpret evolution, history, physics, etc.. in terms of microvita theory. However, this should not lead to mystification. Using the term "microvita" where it can just as well be replaced by "positive or negative influences" is not helpful - it's just the ornamentation of one thing we don't understand, with the other.

Microvita is a name for the principle which qualifies and quantifies how energy is steered intelligently in the subwave structure of the Universe (Bhavastha). Proper use of the term microvita allows us to understand (and eventually manipulate) matter and life in subtler and more incisive ways than physics can currently offer. For individual spiritual practice we don't need to know about microvita in a scientific way. But if we want to use that same kind of science to solve certain problems in society, we will need to study the positive use of positive and negative microvita.

M    I    C    R    O    V   I   T   A       C   O   S   M   O   L   O   G   Y       A   N   D       A   S   T   R   O   P   H   Y   S   I   C   S

C    R    E    A    T    I    O    N         O    U    T         O    F         T    H    E         A    B    S    T    R    A    C    T

The concept of "Bhavastha" (subspace) helps to understand "Consciousness" as a dynamic presence, instead of some rather aloof, pervasive entity ("Janya Iishvara"). Within the vibrational ocean, the creation is initiated by the intrinsic principle of bifurcation (i.e. into subjective and objective causal faculties, see e.g. the "microvita cosmology and you" section below), and the causal flow is maintained by "Knower-I" - "Doer-I" subwave synchronization. According to Shrii P.R. Sarkar, "Every vibration in this universe has colour and sound. Every vibration also represents a particular idea, and hence each idea has a vibrational sound and vibrational colour". The vibration is the expressed or main wave, or "inference" in microvita cosmology, and the sound and color factors point to the underlying or subwave structure, qualified and quantified by microvita.

From the mental lab to the physical lab
Reproducible (not merely philosophical or speculative) concepts related to subspace autogenesis

"The geometric origin of color"

EVIDENCED and reproducible (not merely suggestive), accurate prediction of the wavelengths of the primary colors. Suggests the existence of an underlying principle causing certain colors to stand out (which we normally call "subjective"). The wavelengths of the primary colors are being indexed by two interdigitating geometries.

In terms relating to microvita cosmology, these geometries may coincide with the resp. "Knower-I" and "Doer-I" types of subwave synchronization. When both universal faculties optimally work together, the created main wave which we perceive as a color, appears "stronger" - not physically, but perceptually.
"The geometric origin of sound"

The vowels of human speach are created by mainly two resonance peaks in the cavities of the vocal tract, called "formants". The source is the vocal chords, generating a dense series of harmonics. The positions of the formants of each vowel can be measured through spectrum analysis. Alternatively, the formants were REPRODUCED based on the concept of sound as a creative faculty, like in Yogic science. The predicted formants accurately correspond to the natural positions, and can be used to generate all vowels.

The creation of vowels by the human voice is very akin to the creation (auto-genesis) of a vortex in the vibrational ocean of Bhavastha. It is suggested that the generation of vowels is related to "POSITIVE MICROVITA", and consonants to "NEGATIVE" MICROVITA.
"Subspace vorticity"

The (apparent) transformation of subspace (Bhavastha) into detectible phenomena can be visualized as a vortex or torus. On the level of elementary particles, it is suggested that what is known as "intrinsic spin", is really this subspace vortex entering into the physical world. Quantum physicists further discovered a fundamental quality of particle spin which lies at the basis of the entire atomic structure. This is called the "Pauli Exclusion Principle".

A vortex structure combined with subwave gauging geometries is proposed, accounting in ONE SINGLE APPROACH for Fermionic (1/2) and Bosonic (0,1) spin, as well as Pauli Exclusion. It is shown how the subwave gauging templates could correspond to the "Knower-I" and "Doer-I" faculties in microvita cosmology.


A         M    E    D    I    T    A    T    I    O    N

P.    R.         S    A    R    K    A    R         -         O    R    I    G    I    N    A   L         D    I    S    C    O    U    R    S    E    S

A selection including the introduction of microvita and discourses on cosmology

 Microvitum, the mysterious emanation of Cosmic Factor

 Matter and Abstract

 Cult, Inference and Propensity

 Microvita and Cosmology

M    I    C    R    O    V    I    T    A         C    O    S    M    O    L    O    G    Y         A    N    D         Y    O    U

The bifurcation into objective and subjective faculties flows on endlessly, but is finite in scope. Through the creation of waves, the universe becomes alive and beautiful. Therefore, waves in the extended cosmological sense are called inferences, as they manifest the original creation by the Universal Entity. Each inference and its associated propensities constitutes a microcosm in and by itself, and thus the biological body, consisting of innumerable inferences, is a developed microcosm. The finite stance of time, place and person is born out of the personal factors (subjective, objective, inside, outside). Original inferences and their correlated propensities are continuously being formed through "Knower-I" resp. "Doer-I" synthesis within the planes of the universe. That is, they are formed through subjective attraction, rather than objective control. The diagram shows the endless causal flow of the resp. bifurcating and synthesizing phases ("Savishesa") and in the midst of it, its finite stance. Use the cursor to see Shrii P.R. Sarkar's original annotations, resp. the table form as printed in the Ananda Marga publication.

P   H   I   L   O   S   O   P   H   I   C   A   L       N   O   T   E

In 41 discourses on microvita, P.R. Sarkar used the terms "mahat", "aham" and "citta", which are crucial in philosophy, only once. This was in a special scholarly session published as "Microvita and Cosmology". In this lecture he said: "This is a new line of thinking – a new philosophical approach. Here “knower I” or “doer I” are not necessarily the mahat, aham or citta of philosophy. It is a new school of philosophical thought – it has no connection with mahat, aham and citta. New Saḿskrta terms will have to be created:..".

So far Sarkar's encouragement to seek parallels between microvita science and philosophy, not to speak about attempts to explain microvita theory in philosophical terms. Yet people are often inclined to seek such kind of explanations, often almost automatically. This is understandable for two reasons. Firstly, the philosophical approach of creation, that is, "Brahma Cakra" or the Cycle of Creation, has become deeply rooted in the collective mind as the final chapter on creation philosophy. Secondly, "Brahma Cakra" is relatively easy to comprehend.

This graphic is purely in response to the many attempts and questions on differences and / or conformaties between theory and philosophy. It is meant as a basic clue, and not to be perfect, complete or conclusive, or to live a life of its own. The subtleties of microvita cosmology (and, in all fairness, also of Brahma Cakra) are too many to be captured in such a simple approach. Essentially it follows from the concept of "diversity" as a way to find some common ground between theory and philosophy, as discussed here.

Following Sarkar's suggestions, the real challenge is to further develop our conceptual powers, rather than to feel complacent about philosophical explanations.

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E    V    O    L    V    I    N    G         V    I    S    I    O    N   S

Microvita theory and cosmology in different areas of research and application

Educational, inspirational, scientific and institutional trends

"I saw the tiny organisms by which energy and conditional awareness are transferred and communicated between the various levels of existence".
Adi Da Samraj, The Knee of Listening (The end of all searching), early '70's.


(Society for Microvita Research and Integrated Medicine, India)

Bulletin on Microvita Research and Integrated Medicine



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Renaissance art for social and spiritual awakening


Energy Spaces
(relief, slate) by Erica van Seeters, Netherlands.
Studies on the perception that matter is mostly empty space - but space
itself is not quite empty..
. Click to enlarge -
artist's website

Shiiva's dance at CERN , Geneva, Switserland. This 2m. tall bronze statue was given to CERN by the Indian government to celebrate the research centre's long association with India, and was unveiled on June 18, 2004. Arguably Shrii P.R. Sarkars "new line of thinking", microvita cosmology transcends, rather than unifies the classical Eastern vs. Western epistemes. More on Google images

The title of this film is: "Micro Vita, promenade dans une goutte d'eau sale", which means as much as, "Microvita walking through a drop of dirty water". While, unlike viruses, microbes definitely don't fall under the category of microvita, this short, in some sense artistic film is an absolutely amazing display of the sheer endless variety of life under the microcope. By Michel-Marie Solito de Solis, Brazil. Worth watching (click image)!

Mystical symbolism and geometry. On the "silver lining of the boundary between matter and abstract" there are no physical dimensions, the only thing which exists is pure mathematical ratio. Shrii P.R. Sarkar speaks about how subwaves are created within the main waves by moving microvita. Are microvita the geometry code of the Abstract? - Image recovered here, original source unknown.

"Matter is 'Known-I' in the planes of inferences, in the Macrocosmic Arena" (P.R. Sarkar). Enjoy this wonderful movie taking you on an exciting journey through the created worlds. Microvita are the tiniest form of existence, whereas the cognitive faculty of Consciousness creates the waves binding the Cosmic Web together. Click image to watch the movie, and count the circles of powers of 10 on the cosmic scale.

According to Shrii P.R. Sarkar, positive microvita move unbarred through all physical media. Except through vulcanized rubber. That is, if we are to believe this local sales office. Setting aside the scientific profoundness of their innovation, this team has taken it all the way. Especially note the swastika in their logo - their service to society knows no bounds. Either way, they deserve an honorable mention as an example of down to earth entrepreneurship when it comes to maximum utilizing the potential of positive microvita. Source: ("the best your car can get"..). Reprinted here with permission.

B    R    E    A    K    T    H    R    O    U    G    H         V    I    E    W    P    O    I    N    T    S

Finding the true source of our perceptions

[19:05] "All these facts bring us face to face with a very significant question: if the thing we acknowledge to be the physical world is really comprised of perceptions given to our soul, then what is the source of these perceptions"?
Visualizing the Abstract (Bhavastha)

[4:30] "The theory of biocentrism describes reality as a process that fundamentally involves our consciousness. The scientific theory explains how without consciousness, all matter dwells in an undetermined state of probabilty. Time has no existence, and space is just a concept we use to make sense of things... all that we are left with, is quantized states of consciousness. Reality how we know it does not exist. And if it would have any sort of existence that we could visualize, it would look something like this."

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