The creation of "carbonic pabula"

By Pankaj / Frank van den Bovenkamp, Mayi 2, 2015

The human body is an increadibly complex biological machine. It is perfectly attuned to the elements, not only the crude, but also the subtlest factors. That is what gives the body its enigmatic character, and it is also the reason why this biological machine possesses senses, nerves, memory, glands, etc.. Nevertheless, this complex machine is not the causal factor of who and what we are. In fact, it is exactly the way around. The pure "I" - not necessarily the "Mahat" of philosophy - is the causal factor of the biological body and the elements. In order to create a human body, it requires a detailed understanding of the entire cosmic order, from galaxies, to biospheres, to atoms and molecules, and not only as it is today, but of its evolutionary mechanisms as well. That Entity, existing in the form of the complete, purely blissfull and fully cognizant state of the Macrocosm, is Consciousness, and hence Consciousness is the ultimate causal factor.

The initial forms of carbonic pabula, from carbon and other carbonic atoms, to cells, to biological organisms, is a purely psychic idea (Gestalt, archetype, blueprint), existing outside time and space as we know it. It is an existence in the form of Macrocosmic and microcosmic longing - that is, a longing for expression. The Cosmic seed of this longing is the concentrated, perfectly synchronized and hence unmanifest state of the objectified, subtle universal energies. Once this synchronized energy comes at the brink of expression, that is, once it is ready to be sprouted, this is called Microvitum. This Microvitum is a state of pure blissfulness or Cosmic Grace, functioning as the Cosmic incentive or Actional Faculty of the creation.

The initial expression of this Cosmic Grace or psychic longing is pure, formless vibration. Allthough it is an objective state, nothing concrete has been created yet. The universal plane of pure, subtle Energy activates and harmonizes this formless essence to form the countless planes of actual inferences. This Faculty, creating waves of perpetual dynamism out of the unspecific vibrational state, is called the Knowing Principle or Supreme Cognitive Entity. In other words, through the Knowing Faculty alone, the initial or psychic forms of carbonic pabula are getting real form and substance. This way, ever more complex biological factors and ultimately the human body are created out of the depth of the boundless ocean.

When the conditional state of biological existence disappears, all that remains are the pure Enjoyment and Knowing of the Universal Entity.

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