The Cosmic Nucleus in various cosmic cycles

By Pankaj / Frank van den Bovenkamp, Dec. 15, 2014

"Brahma Cakra" as well as the Cycle of Creation are concepts in spiritual philosophy. Also, they represent two different ideas.

Now, philosophically speaking, only in a truly causal analysis the concepts of Purusottama (Cosmic Nucleus) and Paramashiiva (Supreme Cognitive Faculty) gain their full depth and significance. Therefore, rather than merely considering obvious similarities, there lies a positive challenge in properly analyzing the reciprocity between known waves and their respective causes and media.

For a physical wave to manifest in the psychic world, naturally, the universal attractor must be the subjective nucleus. Likewise, if a psychic wave enters the planes of physicality, the supreme attractor is the spatio-eternal dimension - there can be a certain dilation, so that the original vibrations become systaltic, and ultimately turn into pure, subtle energy.

So, when the hub of a cyclic wave, a cyclic movement lies at its center, the center is not physical but psychic. This is something physicists need to understand. But when, in a causal analysis, the center lies at the apex, that is, it is the receptacle of a cyclic movement, this constitutes a subtle or crude material cause, and the wave is a psychic wave.

Now, no wave in this universe is only psychic or only physical. There is less or more systalsis, and a certain simultaneous, psychic effect. Hence, there exists an equilibrium between waves and their subjective and objective, as well as static and sentient causes. A wave, as a primordial physico-psychic-spiritual entity, is referred to as an "inference", that is, a wave which manifests an original cause or idea.

Shrii P.R. Sarkar eloquently phrased it as follows: "Every vibration in this universe has color and sound. Every vibration also represents a particular idea, and hence each idea has a vibrational sound and vibrational colour".

"Sound" and "color" are nothing but different aspects constituting the inner equilibrium of a universal wave or inference, taken in perceptible form. Rather, this is an example of conception in the form of perception within a specific field of application.

What is sound? If the physical wave and the psychic wave have a certain adjustment, a certain ratio among them, this may be heard as a vowel - it is the sound of creation. Whereas "sound" refers to a ratio, "color" refers to an absolute value, that is the amount of energy of a wave. The properly adjusted or synchronized energy forms the universal code of all of creation. In it's principal form, in the smallest form, this universal code of creation is microvitum, and the minutest expression of this synchronized energy is intrinsic spin, the mysterious principle in quantum physics that forms the backbone of elementary particles.

The sum total reciprocity of physical and psychic waves and their resp. media and causes constitutes the boundless ocean or Bhavastha. Once this is understood by scientists, known and still unknown laws of nature can be found here, and many new fields may be developed, ushering a new era in civilisation.

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