How Do They Do It: Nikola Tesla

By Pankaj / Frank van den Bovenkamp, Nov. 01 , 2015

If we take a normal wave, specifically, a lightwave, that is, a propagating electromagnetic wave, then we can discern its historic cause, and its intrinsic cause. The two are not the same. If we look at the wave in terms of its historic cause, then the internal creative factors, that is, its inner accelerative forces, are locked up in a perpetual, self-propagating cycle. We don't need to consider any medium - the wave and its medium are the same. This is the normal situation, but this way we can't detect its intrinsic factors other than through a highly abstract approach. However this can be said, that each cycle of a wave has a static pause, a sentient pause and two intermediary phases. Whereas each of these four different (or six in a whole cycle) intervals each represent the intrinsic forces in different configurations (for example in the style of the Taoist Ba'gua), the latter are locked up in the perpetual sequence of the main wave and remain therefore undetectible.

So this is the normal case, and if many waves move together, creating a dense vibrational medium, the original forces have become bound allthemore. The only way to get out of this dense state, is if waves become synchronized. Instead of competing for energy, they start supporting one another, and in doing so create the fabric of space. If the crests and troughs of many waves over a broad spectrum maximally co-incide, then the inner sequence of accelerative factors is getting more and more condensed and merges into one. The wave ensemble has become a series of kinetic pulses. In this state, the intrinsic factors are no longer locked-up in a sequential flow, but regain their original freedom which we refer to as the simultaneous cycle. In Taoist terms, the elements have merged back into the original Tao.

This simultaneous state is an infinitesimal fraction of what Einstein, mostly intuitionally, referred to as the "inertial ether". The term "kinetic ether" might also apply, and this is the extra-ordinary medium Nikola Tesla tapped into. Why was that? Because Tesla produced high-density pulse-waves (delta- or Dirac series) in his laboratory, and this is exactly that synchronized state within the luminous ether. In this situation, we refer to the constituing waves as sub-waves. So in fact, by creating pulses, Tesla unknowingly reproduced the sub-wave structure of the luminous ether.

Thus, we have the luminous ether with normal waves, and the inertial ether were waves exist in seed form. If Tesla's pulses would have been absolutely perfect, he might not have detected anything out of the ordinary. This was - fortunately - technically impossible. A minor out-of-equilibrium was just enough to cause interactions with he cosmic ether, that is, in the form of normal energy plus an unknown factor we might call the macrocosmic psycho-kinetic potential. Together the two always try to stay on the edge of equilibrium, though it was the latter which has been unearthed by Tesla, in many amazing forms with just as many amazing properties.

This brief analysis has not mentioned the actual sub-wave structure of the inertial ether, which is different than that of the luminous ether. Sufficiently to say that within the luminous or perpetual, dynamic sub-wave structure or lattice, the inertial mode lies quiescent in a fractal form. This can mathematically be demonstrated. Another example is life itself. But rather than saying that life "utilizes" the hidden sub-wave structure of the inertial ether for its formation, life IS the manifestation of how the both ethers interact. In other words, if, within a limited sphere (the "Goldilock zone"), the hidden sub-wave structure of the kinetic ether manifests in the luminous ether, that is, in the planes of inferences, the result we call life. The underlying process in philosophy is called "swabhava". This of course explains why Tesla attributed so many life-like qualities to the strange phenomena he observed in his laboratory.

Yet a very different example could be the beautifully engineered "Testatika" machine of Methernitha, a community in Switserland, near Linden. It is said to be a "free-energy" machine. But now we understand there is no such thing as free ticket - there is only the swabhava of the Universal Entity, and it may just be relocated from A to B - from the macrocosm to our planet, from our planet to Switzerland, and from Switserland to the (alleged) vortex-condensors of theTestatika. Nature itself has no use for "free energy" because ultimately it is only definable in terms of comfort - it is a form of luxury (which, in fairness, is a tell-tale sign of civilisation..). Either way, researchers have pointed out that the Testatika not only produces high voltage static electricity through a "Whimshurst" accumulator kind of principle, but also suspect that the discharge train (electron cascade) it creates, is actually being transformed into the same illustruous "Tesla-factor". The latter is temporarily stored, while a small fraction is reconverted into conventional electricity keeping the machine running and the rest is for industrial and household utilisation. Sure enough, the absense of chemical pollution is not a luxury, however on the grand scale this sort of operation might turn out to cause a different and alltogether more fundamental form of entropy. After all, when we started burning carbohydrates we thought the planet was infinite, and now we are in the clearest possible terms being reminded that it's not. If a new kind of technology would one day power our world, some time in the future we may again be faced with an inconvenient truth.

The entire universe is permeated with an undetectible, however accessible inertial sub-wave field which is fractal in nature, and when accessed, has an instantaneous psycho-kinetic impact. Whereas it is tempting and not alltogether incorrect to refer to the inertial ether as the primordial state or entity or purusa, we should bear in mind that also the luminous ether in and by itself constitutes a purusa-state. The balance between the two however cannot be called symmetrical, and may not immediately appear to our intuition. Rather than emphasizing the different positions of the both purusa's, P.R. Sarkar emphasized their mode of interaction, which is called "bifurcation". It is the bifurcation of the both purusa's or approximately, "ethers", which causes the eternal swabhava to manifest in so many forms.

New solutions would require modern day components, combined with the esthetic quality of the Testatika and Tesla's spirit, acting together to solve certain problems in society in a nice way. The human body - a biological machine - is made out of cells and each cell constitutes a "Yantra" - a powerful symbol. There is no need for such a term as "free energy". Man-made machines are made out of functional components, they are barely Yantra's in most cases. Therefore, to integrate the forces of the inertial ether into society, we must follow the example of biology. Systems and distributed networks will no longer be based on the technology of the luminous ether alone, but each and every component will be part and parcel of complex, synergetic whole, like a man-made Loka. There will be a new and magnificent event horizon. Created entities will possess a certain sovereignty. In this world, in this universal society, energy and microvita can flow freely and be utilized limitlessly.

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