Inference vs. tanmatra

By Pankaj / Frank van den Bovenkamp, June 25, 2014

Inference and tanmatra refer to the same and are sometimes mixed up, however both have a subtly different context and different significance, indicating different stages of sadhana and utilisation.

An ordinary person, using all his senses and intellect forms a perfectly normal and congenial understanding of the world. Philosophy at this stage has a facilitating function. Thus we adopt the common idea that different sorts of waves are emitted from, or reflected by all kind of objects, near, or at a certain distance, or even lightyears away. These waves, or rather the fraction we actually perceive, are called "tanmatra's". In other words, tanmatra's convey information from the world around us to our eyes, our ears and so forth, and ultimately to the subtle site of the senses inside our brain. Thus, through tanmatra's we become consciously aware of the world of time, place and person and can act accordingly.

Now, a sadhaka, that is, a spiritual devotee, is not too much concerned about philosophy. They may sooner or later naturally transcend the powerful "Maya", the force of illusion, with or without the help of philosophy. In order to keep a balanced, normal lifestyle, they are encouraged also to do something for the society and to bring others onto the path of sadhana. As they work, using all their sensory and motor faculties, this has some elevating effect in the entire world.

In the more advanced stage of sadhana, philosophy evolves accordingly so that the tanmatra's are viewed in their original disposition. There may or may be no need of further investigation for spiritual causes per sé, but there is a need of society for practical solutions in many fields. When the concept of tanmatra's becomes too limited and is no longer useful, a new philosophy, a new line of thinking needs to be evolved.

The personal limiting factor is the ego (Aham), saying, "I do, I see or hear, I know this or that" and so forth. This goes on all the time. As a consequence, we are no longer sensitive to a primordial cause and instead feel that the center of "I-feeling" and of perception is located inside the physical body. In this state, tanmatra's are no longer perceived as powerful, creative manifestations of the Universal Entity, but have been reduced to mere external messenger waves carrying information from A to B.

But how do we know where A and B come from? Therefore, tanmatra's cannot be subsidiary, they are not at all sub-ordinated to the laws of nature. Before the laws of nature, there are tanmatra's, that is, the original inferences, and before that there are the internal Faculties of the Universal Entity. The original inferences are nothing but subtle energy with the force of conscience behind it.

This radical change in perspective may have a profound effect on individual life and society. Before humans were able to use their intellect, there was not much they could do to improve their conditions. Once they started to think, they also started to move away from the original Entity. And at one point we will have reached the apex of this egoic reality, and return to the original state, bringing our "I-feeling" back into the macrocosmic realm, but now with the maximum use of our intellectual attainments.

So, the term "inferences" refers to the original tanmatra's, that is, the creative emanations from the Universal Entity. A revolution in collective consciousness can never come without a paradigm shift in the practical sphere. Therefore, scientists should study the original inferences, directly created from the primordial Faculties, so that they can work out a single approach of all sub-atomic, chemical and macro-cosmic dynamism. And spiritualists can help them by setting the stage and providing a great amount of inspiration. This may help solve the limitations of relativity and probability in modern physics and open up new avenues for practical utilisation.

Q: The original inferences, do they belong to the Macrocosmic Arena, or to the realm of Abstract?
A: The Abstract is the abode of the causal Faculties, the inference belongs to the Macrocosmic Arena, and the individual tanmatra belongs to the world of time, place and person. For example, a person sees an elephant. The causal Faculties are the Doer-I and Knower-I, or the purely spiritual stance. The macrocosmic inference is the entitative wave, somewhat like how a very small child would perceive the world. There is no difference between "inside" and "outside", no object or subject. And the individual perception is the elephant, having such and such attributes, being in a certain place and at a certain distance, etc.. Because of biological, social etc. influences, the realm of the original inferences is being bifurcated into the world, body and senses and mind all as separate entities. It is a very compelling, powerful process. Scientists are now slowly understanding that there exist no "objects" in an absolute sense. But they have not yet been able to formulate a unified approach of relativity and probability.

"When the original inferences come in contact with the plane of the universe, they are either reflected or refracted. The unit cannot have the original inference. It has to depend upon and surrender to the Cosmic Reflecting Entity. This is psycho-spiritual practice in the last phase".

P.R. Sarkar, Microvita and Cosmology

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