Microvita and health

By Pankaj / Frank van den Bovenkamp, Sept. 05, 2015

For consciousness to be able to express itself in a physical structure, this structure must have the capacity to get somewhat out of equilibrium. Take for example crude matter. There is no expression of consciousness, so there is no life, no health or disease in matter. And even this is not entirely true. The only thing in the universe which cannot express consciousness is the Fundamental Factors. But what are the Fundamental Factors? It's a mere figure of philosophy, the so called Mahabhutiis. They denote perfect equilibrium, but have no real existence. Therefore, philosophy cannot really explain life - it is essentially an elaboration on the "Svabhava" - the "characteristic bearing" of the Purusa in congenial, mind-related terms, and does not explain structural complexity.

In real life, we need a different approach, a new line of thinking. Let's take the example of water. Is water acidic or alkaline? It is neither of the two. The ions in pure water form a perfect equilibrium, there's H+ and OH-, but there is no way of telling which H+ either controls an OH-, or is part of it. Therefore, we say, pure water exist in a (relatively) unbifurcated state.

In order to express life, there needs to be a vibrational, rather, a physical component, and a psychic component. Now, if we take water as the original medium of life, we may introduce another positive ion, so that the OH- is controlled not only by H+, but also, for example by K+. As we know from quantum physics, a singular atom, equally when ionized, requires a context to express itself. Hence we say, the H+ and K+ are more subjective, and the OH- portion is more objective. So by introducing positive ions, the medium can potentially be bifurcated. Allthough there are no meaningful sub-wave templates yet, this is the first prerequisite for life.

A different category is, when the objective portion of the medium is changed. For example, an NO- group is introduced. Now the medium itself has become different - it is no longer bifurcated water, but something else, and something else may be created out of it.

To express life, not only in principle but also physically, there must be a "plus-or-minus" equilibrium, an actual dynamic, perpetual etc.. bifurcation between the objective and subjective portions, and hence between the physical and psychic phases. If water is the medium, then there must be different positive and negative ions, some pro-matter, and some pro-mind.

The factor we refer to as microvita, if they create positive or negative vibrations, or generally, vibrations in a limited sphere, is called negative microvita. It is not a qualification, just a category. Likewise, if microvita help reduce the amount of vibration, and thus create psychic factors, such as initial forms of carbonic molecules, this we call positive microvita. Hence, the psychic as well as physical structure should be a proper receptacle for positive and negative microvita.

For example K+ or Ca+ are heavier ions. Comparatively, H+ is the lightest, and OH- is inbetween. So, in the vibrant state, K+ forms a static attractor, and this induces a certain sub-wave structure in the medium. Likewise, H+ introduces a tendency of expansion, which is supported by another sub-wave structure. Microvita maintains the equilibrium between all the factors, it is the imminent cosmic quality (infinitisemal, systematic sub-wave desynchronization) which lifts a "plus-or-minus equilibrium" out of the vibrational ocean, in a distinct variety of ways, and this is the cause of life. Therefore we say, microvita exist on, or in the form of, the "silver lining between matter and abstract". It is a subtle approach - subtler than matter, waves, "original inferences" and sub-waves.

In the DNA, the main strands are made out of heavier atoms, and the bridge between them is made of Hydrogen, and is hence called the Hydrogen bridge. The DNA allows slow, longitudinal sub-waves to be transported along the "spinal cord" of the DNA, thus carrying positive microvita back and forth along the innumerable genetic codes. The entire DNA is suspended within it's original source, which is water. So, through the positive effect of microvita in water or other suitable media, the lighter and heavier ions have collaborated to form carbonic molecules, aminoacids, DNA, proteins, etc... In fact, if the external circumstances are right, it is inavoidable.

Humans cannot create positive or negative microvita themselves - it is Cosmic Factor, fabricated by the universe out of the point where time and space as we know it have ceased to exist. Therefore, in order to attract positive microvita, or rather the positive effects of microvita, we have to follow certain practical health principles. If we live in a very cold climate or need to do excessive physical labour, we may need to adjust our diet accordingly. Today, most people don't need to live in these circumstances, so therefore our diet should be adjusted accordingly, in order to avoid an excess of negative microvita. Likewise, sustained or excessive mental or emotional pressure and imbalance should be avoided or compensated through proper education and spiritual practice. Along the same lines, our natural environment must be protected as a receptacle and source of cosmic factor. Certain chemical fertilizers have a high acidity, increasing the concentration of negative microvita in the soil and thus on the longer run only reduce the fertility, causing erosion, etc..

So, to maintain health, one does not need to be a microvita scientist. But what we can learn from microvita science, is that health and disease both have causes beyond the prevailing paradigms, and that within limits, these causes lie within our control. Disease is not an antithesis to life - it is merely an excessive "minus" of the "plus or minus equilibrium" of life. Scientists may or may not wish to study microvita theory, but they must and should study deeper causes - in medicine, in physics and in cosmology. This is imperative, otherwise society will go to the dogs. Then one day they will sure stumble upon sub-waves, and ultimately microvitum as the primordial cause of all life in the universe, but probably not any time soon.

This means that P.R. Sarkar gave us a headstart. If we don't discover the secrets of microvita now out of inspiration, then next generations may need to do it out of desperation. Therefore it is important to follow Sarkar's line of thinking, not only in a technical sense, but also in terms of research style, and not convenience ourselves with attempting to reframe microvita science in archaic formulations.

"I think, by dint of our spiritual sadhana rather our physico-psycho-spiritual sadhana, our minds will develop in all their strata, and the power of conception, the power of conceiving, will also develop, and with that developed conceiving power, we will know all the secrets of these microvita".

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