Microvita and homeopathy - how does it work?

By Pankaj / Frank van den Bovenkamp, April 27, 2016

Life is not just about chemistry. Chemistry is predominantly controlled by energy and energy is blind. Therefore, chemistry creates all sorts of material factors, having different densities, etc.. Chemistry however contains the first expression of life - it is our primordial biosphere. In the case of single atoms, carbonic atoms and molecules etc. there is barely any expression of life in the normal sense. Yet, atoms are not entirely static either.

In microvita cosmology, in the initial stage, there is energy and microvita and nothing else. Only during the bifurcation, objectivities and subjectivities are created. In a single atom this is not very obvious. Therefore, a simple atom such as hydrogen can be described using a fairly simple wave-equation. This is based on physics and energy, coming out of a simple wave function. If the energy is stepped up, the wave equation is adjusted, and this is the energized or exited state of hydrogen. These energy levels are discrete and can be read from the hydrogen emission or absorbtion spectra - each jump between energy levels is seen as a single spectrum line. This way we can study the inner build-up of atoms and molecules in some detail.

In a simple atom, the wave-equation is "time-independend". It is a static approach, there is a static wave. Therefore, in quantum physics we cannot find the cause of life. There is no known sentient factor. Each moving electron, whether considered a particle or a wave, also has a so called magnetic moment. The nature of the magnetic moment is very little understood. If the particle or matter wave is energy, the magnetic moment is force - it is the actional faculty. Now, what is the sentient and what is the static factor? If the energy is contained within the wave, we call this the sentient factor. If the wave, that is, the shape of the wave is contained within the energy, this is the static factor. This is a new concept unknown in physics today, but it can mathematically be demonstrated. The shape of the wave cannot be created by energy alone. There is no pre-existing physical medium. It requires the force of conscience behind it. It is a static factor, however subtle.

So this is the bifurcation within the scope of a single atom, between the shape of a wave and its energy. It is a new line of thinking. But in a static, rather, a time-independend approach, this must remain theoretical. Even if a hidden, conscient factor is present, it has no scope for expression. In reality the equilibrium is not static. There is a subtle, additional vibration between the energy and the wave shaping force. What we measure in the lab is an average effect. In the case of life, that is, in a proper chemical receptacle, the vibrations, maintaining equilibrium "on the silver lining between matter and abstract", extend into the inter-atomic world, that is, chemistry and so forth, and this way life is created. The creative vibrations are bound to come out when the conditions are right.

As pointed out by P.R. Sarkar, during the bifurcation the sum total strength of expression remains the same. If there is more psychic force, there is less physical energy. Generally, the subjective and objective expressions together remain the same. In the case of homeopathy we increase the subjective strength, and thereby reduce the objective expression. For example, a small country village is regularly being harrassed by a motor gang. Every weekend they come riding in, making a lot of noise, occupying places, bullying people, etc.. What to do? If they cannot be handled physically, some cleverness is needed. So, the citizens decided that they would all dress-up just like the motor gang. They started wearing lether jackets with gang patches, grew beards, and many also started riding motor bikes. The next time the real motor gang moved in, they saw the whole town looking just like them. They were absorbed by the masses and there was nothing they could do to make there presence known. In fact, whether they were there or not, no-one even noticed.

So this is homeopathy: the judicious use of actional factor in the subjective sphere. It is more about an idea than about matter. This prevents excess, out of control energy to get expressed in the objective realm, causing all sorts of troubles. Within an atom, there is a perfect equilibrium between positive and negative factors, that is also, positive and negative microvita. Within chemistry, it is the same. In the case of life, there is a higher concentration of positive microvita in the external sphere than usual. If there is an excess concentration of negative microvita in the objective sphere, this can be compensated by positive microvita objectively, or negative microvita subjectively. Allopathic treatment is the positive use of negative microvita - it is an objective approach with a limited scope.

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