How to connect microvita with Schrödinger's wave equation

By Pankaj / Frank van den Bovenkamp, May 04, 2016

In microvita cosmology, the Universal Entity essentially remains unaffected by its inner operations, that is, by its inner bifurcation into various subjectivities and objectivities. That's why, at least by association, the subjective chambers are usually considered primordial. Likewise, among the subjective chambers, the Actional Principle is thought of as being primordial, and the Knowing Principle as being secondary. However, in order to understand the relation between quantum physics and microvita theory, primacy of either faculty should not be explained in an absolute or polarized sense. It is not as simple as entropy versus neg-entropy, etc... All chambers are Purusa faculties. There is some sort of ambiguousness in consciousness, and this only allows the idea of "Swabhava" to get expressed, and hence, there can be sentiency. The principle of sentiency is essential to extend quantum physics beyond its current materialistic interpretation.

The wave function containing the physics and energy of a particle or other quantum system is only a minute instance of the planes of inferences. Yet, through further synthesis, the wave function can expand and increase more and more in complexity, until there is an expression of self-awareness. In this case, the wave function can be considered "complete". Examples of (more or less) complete wave functions, in the flow of svabhava, can be found in heart and brain waves.

The balance between the physics and the energy of a particle or quantum system is described by the wave equation. The wave equation of quantum physics demonstrates a very rudimental stationary or dynamic equilibrium or synthesis. The moment there is a conscious observation, the limited, crude wave function is said to "collapse" - it becomes a single pulse which becomes part of the greater "Knowing" wave. If instead of a particle, a certain transient quantum state is observed, it also becomes stationary. This is the quantum zeno effect. So this is how the Knower Principle works - that which is known is a state of Knowing itself. It is universal in principle, and individual in practice.

The orginal generative medium is not vibrational in any way we're familiar with. Yet it contains all possible vibrations and combinations of vibrations in seed form (blueprints), locked up in an endless, perfectly synchronized, simultaneous cycle. Once this medium comes in contact with a prospective energy flow, phase waves are created along the trajectory of the moving energy. If a proper equilibrium is formed, out of these phase waves real waves evolve, and the latter form the wave function of quantum physics. Then we can say: E = hv.

This would still be trivial, rather, the generative phase would remain completely unassumed, if there is only a stationary condition. That is, in a static sitution, in a materialistic approach, the very existence of a truly generic phase would go unnoticed. This is the state of affairs in quantum physics today. For lack of a generic cause, the wave function of quantum particles is thought of as being probabilistic, and this was then institutionalized as the Copenhagen Interpretation. It is a materialistic approach, concealing the fact that at all times the swabhava of consciousness is the foundation of the entire universe.

If the probability of quantum physics is substituted with the real, macrocosmic generative faculty, a wave's energy can be distinguished from it's shape. That is, in the planes of inferences, the wave contains the energy. In the simultaneous, generic phase, it's precisely the way around - the energy contains the wave. This is the bifurcation. In a normal wave, energy is the perpetual factor, and the physical cycle is its objective, dynamic principle. In the hidden cycle, the physics is purely subjective. It emanates the compelling idea of a wave, clear and purposeful, but not an actual wave. Energy is being synchronized and this process is propensitive in nature.

The inner cycle or inner phase, that is, the gradual synthesizing of pure creational idea out of the ever inwardly cycling propensitive flow, evolves the psychic worlds. It is the macrocosmic, exalted repository of all evolutionary genius, the realm of life eternal and endless possibilities, unassailed by the relative factors of time, place and person. Acknowledging this fathomless inner treasure of the Universe will certainly end an era of physics, half blinded by the light of succes, and half by a shadow of doubt cast by the Copenhagen probability doctrine.

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