Shrii P.R. Sarkar's "Microvita Bomb" and the Islamic State

By Pankaj / Frank van den Bovenkamp, April 26, 2015

"If the nuclei of protoplasmic cells are split up, they release innumerable times more energy than a nuclear explosion does. Obviously, living bodies, being composed of countless protoplasmic cells, possess huge proportions of energy – something which is beyond ordinary comprehension.".
The Neo-Ethics of Multi-Lateral Salvation

A wave and the medium it moves in cannot be seen independently. One cannot exist without the other. What we refer to as "modern physics", is essentially based on the discovery that time and space as we normally know it, are in fact relative. So this is called "relativity theory". It is not a mere theory, as it has practical applications, for example in navigation satellites. Particles moving in the form of waves through the medium of time and space are also relative, and this is quantum physics. Quantum physics has a wide range of practical applications. If relative time and space and relative waves find a way to work together, something more or less recognizable is produced, and this is "normal" reality as we know it.

A step further than saying "time and space are relative", is saying "time and space are not fundamental at all - they are so called "emerging properties". For example the well known Dutch physicist Prof. Robbert Dijkgraaf pointed this out in an interview on Dutch TV.

While physicist today are struggling hard to even merely conceptualize this idea, let alone find a practical formulation of it, P.R. Sarkar has in a few elegant strokes captured the essence in the so called "Four Chamber" model of the Universe. While still there is a mystical quality, it is a scientific approach. That is, while time and space and the particles moving through it are not fundamental, there must be another Faculty, or other Faculties, which are fundamental. These fundamental Faculties are the "Four Chambers of the Universe". It is a scientific approach to fundamental principles of creation. Because the Faculties of Creation are fundamental, they are all referred to as "Purusa", that is philosophically, different imminent aspects of Consciousness, working together to create time and space, particles, matter, biological life, personal perception, etc.

It is a new line of thinking, a new paradigm. Therefore it is crucial that we approach it in a proper way, that is, to develop it as an original concept and not, as long as we fail to do so, try to reframe it into traditional figures like "Shiiva and Shakti", or "Mahat, Aham and Citta". This is not only unhelpful, it is confusing and distractive, severely depreciating Shrii Sarkar's original thinking, and at the same time it is an improper and dogmatic use of otherwise exalted philosophy.

In the Four Chamber approach of cosmology, also referred to as "microvita cosmology", the fundamental fabric of the Universe is a boundless ocean of "sub-waves", in a state of "plus-or-minus" equilibrium. From a somewhat more personal viewpoint, we can say, the known universe exist on the boundary of matter and abstract. Of course, "matter" itself is an abstract idea. What we actually perceive is not "matter", but mind in a constant state of flux. A somewhat similar concept in science is a "far from equilibrium" system. This way, a system can have life-like properties, and show so called "emerging" behaviours. The same concept applied to the Four Chambers, explains how the universe emerges out of the abstract. The inner dynamism of this process is explained by Sarkar in the form of sub-waves.

Now, if we transmutate chemical compounds in the realm of physics, a certain amount of energy may be released or required. In this case, the sub-wave fabric of the Universe is not affected, all is but an "epi-phenomenon" or "Maya". However if we transmutate fundamental particles in the realm of physics, the sub-wave fabric of the Universe also becomes imbalanced, and a tremendous amount of physical energy is released. This energy is the pure energy of "Consciousness" (the term used here in a scientific sense), and this is one of the Four Chambers of the Universe, called Jina Purusa. In other words, Jina Purusa is pure energy, and at the same time it constitutes the conceptual medium in which waves interact.

Finally, if we transmutate fundamental particles of life, that is, protoplasmic nuclei, also an enormous amount of energy is released, and this is psychic energy. It is not the mere physical destruction of cells. In the latter case, the psychic energy will not be transmutated and almost instantaneously finds a new shelter. But if we transmutate or destroy the fundamental or sub-wave structure of living cells, the vital energy will be transmutated and may not easily find a new protoplasmic structure.

For example, if pure consciousness would have had it's way, the human heartbeat would be undetectible. Each individual beat would be a perfect, infinitely narrow electrical pulse or so called "Delta pulse". But because of biological constraints, the heartbeat has a certain shape (called "PQRS complex"), which is rich source of information for cardiologists. For the sake of argument, if we consider the heart pulse as near perfect, then we can say this reflects a near perfect sub-wave spectrum which can actually be measured. Then, if for example a person becomes anxious or angry, the perfect spectrum is disrupted, and the effect is a certain emotional expression. Normally, the energy released finds a new shelter in the social plane. But if the sub-wave spectrum of the human soul is disrupted beyond repair, this person may become vengeful and may at one point show destructive behaviour, seeding hate, confusion and disparity. His or her energy can no longer be contained.

To avoid the negative form of such an explosive situation, the basis of everything should be proper education, not based on dogma but on a progressive, neo-humanistic outlook. The positive use of negative microvita applied the physical as well as psychic planes should be developed, based on progressive research of the sub-wave structure of the Universe.

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