How do microvita control energy?

By Pankaj / Frank van den Bovenkamp, April 29, 2016

Energy all by itself is a blind force. It cannot create anything. That is, energy has an important role in physical and chemical processes, and here it follows the laws of conservation and entropy. This is classical thermodynamics.

In the creation of life, the laws of thermodynamics are insufficient. Even, such a relatively crude process as crystal formation might not be entirely thermodynamic under all circumstances. There may be subtler influences unknown in physics today. The same is being said about certain chemical reactions. Even if the components are chemically identical, the results are not necessarily completely predictible.

This means that there must be another influence at work, an influence clearly preceding all physical media and interactions.

When energy moves it flows in waves, it is systaltic in nature. In quantum physics, these waves together are called the wave function. Not only the energy, but also the physical properties are contained within the wave function. It is of a form such as Psi = sin(a.x) + sin (b.x), etc.. It may or may not be time dependent, but it is always in the form of additive synthesis, that is, waves adding up just like water waves, etc.. The relation between the energy and the physics of the wave function is called the wave equation. It is the foundation of quantum physics.

The origin of the wave function in unknown to this day. Its discoverer, Erwin Schrödinger, first thought it is a charge wave. But then his mentor Max Born realized this could not be the case, and said it is a probability wave. This means that the wave equation shows, within limits of certainty, the chance that a particle can be found at a certain position, what its properties are, etc.. It works perfectly, but it is a very strange universe indeed, much to the dissatisfaction of intuitionalists such as Albert Einstein. Till his last breath Einstein maintained that the probabilistic interpretation, albeit not wrong, sure is incomplete.

In quantum physics, the relation between a wave and its energy is: E = hv (h = Planck constant, v = frequency). So, the shape of a wave and its energy are practically mentioned as one, yet they are two different things. In a setting of existing physical media, laws and forces, the cause of a wave can easily be inferred. In the absence of the latter, something else must create the wave. It must be generated out of somewhere. Such a wave generating function has now be found.

Whereas the known wave function in quantum physics is based on the additive synthesis of energy, a (complementary) generative wavefunction is introduced based on so called heterodyne synthesis of another, yet unknown factor, called M. The heterodyne wave function is (simplified) of the form Psi2 = sin (r*x) * sin (r^2.x) * sin(r^3.x) etc.. This is the noumenal or un-bifurcated form (of factor M). Applied to an energy propagation in real space, the Psi2 function transforms into so called phase waves. The latter have some unusual properties, such as super-luminality, and being abstract and yet being physically relevant. The phase-waves are the bifurcated, or activated form of factor M. It was discovered that for a certain value of r (scaling ratio) the Psi2 function generates exactly a wave shape. It is a vibration only, by itself it contains no energy. Rather, it steers energy. The original (un-bifurcated) factors are not actual waves, and not even vibrations in the true sense. It is simply a mathematical representation of a primordial medium ("M0") generating phase waves.

Similarly, for the "normal" wave function in quantum physics we could define a noumenal state, referred to as E0. It is the systematic engagement between E0 and M0 which causes the mutual bifurcation, and this way provides a more complete, non-probabilistic interpretation of quantum physics.

Thus, by creating generic wave shapes (phil. "rupa"), factor M provides ways for energy to manifest itself in a systematic and therefore knowable form. This cannot be explained by thermodynamics and not even by quantum physics. Similar to how energy can be quantized as photons, factor M may be quantized, and this is microvita. Thus, microvita are not exactly vibrations originally, but manifest as vibrations once they get in touch with moving energy, generating the force of conscience behind it.

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