Positive and negative microvita in the human heart beat
Understanding the cause of equilibrium in biological reality

By Pankaj / Frank van den Bovenkamp, June 15, 2015

Few if any cardiologists are aware of the fact that a continuous stream of waves, that is, pure sine waves, is flowing through the heart. These waves however cannot directly be measured - their existence can only be inferred, and only when the proper abstract context is known.

Hence, the undetectible waves flowing through the heart we could refer to as sub-waves. The external heart "wave" has certain biological constraints, and therefore not the "ideal" shape. The "ideal" wave is the pure container of sub-waves, and can hence be called an "inference". That is, from the existence of the ideal wave, the existence of sub-waves may be inferred, and hence the ideal wave is called an "original inference". It is the unconditional, yet attributed carrier wave of pure "I-feeling" (not precisely the "Mahat" of philosophy though) on the boundary between the biological wave and the sub-wave ensemble.

Biology constantly seeks to perpetuate, reinforce and increase "I-feeling", not only in the human body, but in all "carbonic pabula". This is what causes evolution. It is an approach akin to, but beyond the familiar concept of self-organisation, as the latter is lacking a proper causal approach. The reality of biological life and struggle is far from theoretical, and hence the biological wave, or generally, the carbonic wave, is the controlling- or main wave.

In the case of the ideal wave or original inference, that is, the pure cosmic "I-feeling", the constituent sub-waves are in a state of perfect solidarity, also referred to as "internal coherence". The ongoing play between the endless biological struggle amidst the elements, and the unperturbed, original state, invokes an intermediary phase on the edge of equilibrium, or, in the words of Shrii P.R. Sarkar, "plus or minus equilibrium". Thus, a new plane of causality has been introduced which is unknown in science today.

But here the story, that is, Sarkar's "new line of thinking" does not end. In the noumenal state, the sub-waves are not merely undetectible, but are actually non-existent. In other words, there is a still deeper level of causality, and this is a purely formal (i.e. non-carbonic) cause of equilibrium, independent of sub-waves and inferences. In philosophical terms, a systematic approach of these forms or categories of equilibrium yields the different kosa's, loka's, electron shells, devayoni's, etc. in other words the natural hierarchy of existence (or psychic worlds, or "blueprints", "initial forms", etc..).

Therefore, in the creation of all life forms, the controlling factor is not the causal factor, and the causal factor is not the controlling factor. The tensile phase between the two is occupied by sub-waves and the original inferences, and this is referred to by Sarkar as "the silver lining between matter and abstract". Studying the carbonic wave in evolution without considering initial forms of existence, gave rise to the idea of "survival of the fittest" as the cause of the origin of species.

With respect to the heart beat, that is, on the level of psycho-physiology (or psycho-physical kosa's), "positive" and "negative" trends can be observed. Positive trends cause the biological wave to maximum approach the "ideal" form, that is, the original inference. This state would be utterly trivial, if the biological wave would not be the controlling wave, in other words, if this equilibrium would not be an actual reflection of the sum total circumstances of life itself. That's why a physiologists says, there is a strong and healthy output of the Autonomic Nervous System, yet the heart beat is very regular. This is how we get to feel the invigourating spirit of pure "I-feeling" in the heart, and it is the reason why the term "heart" also has a poetic meaning. A negative trend then is for example an accelerating heart rate. During the phase of acceleration, the internal coherence (or, solidarity among the sub-waves) gets lost. This is why our "I-feeling", or self-awareness, shrinks when we get angry. The energy of the anger propensity is nothing but the objectified Knower-I, and unlike the original bifurcation, this is what causes the finite psychology of conditional existence. If the heart gets excited as a result of inspiration, this creates an incentive for positive action.

In terms of microvita, the purely axiomatic and hence dimensionless equilibrium of sub-waves in positive and negative cases is accurately known but not detailed here. In the case of subtler expressions, corresponding to subtler loka's, etc.. more intricate geometric equilibria should be studied.

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