What are microvita
A causal analysis based on the new cosmological approach given by Shrii P.R. Sarkar,
with practical application and evidence in the field of bio-psychology

At the special occasion of the 25th. Anniversary of Shrii P.R. Sarkars introduction of microvita cosmology (June 10, 1989).

By Pankaj / Frank van den Bovenkamp, May 24, 2014

Basic concepts
"I think, by dint of our spiritual sa´dhana´, rather our physico-psycho-spiritual sa´dhana´, our minds will develop in all their strata, and the power of conception, the power of conceiving, will also develop, and with that developed conceiving power, we will know all the secrets of these microvita" - P.R. Sarkar.

In the phase of autogenesis there is a difference between the simultaneous interactive state ("Linga") and the sequential interactive state ("Bhava").

The "Doer-I" is the causal factor of the simultaneous state and it's subjective form is microvita. The "Knower-I" is the causal factor of the sequential state, and it's subjective manifestation is subtle energy.

The resonant state of the "Knower-I" and "Doer-I" takes the form of inferences, creating life.

For example a carbon atom. It's interaction with other atoms is mediated through photons, and it's nucleus is held together with the so called "strong force". The boundary between the nuclear state and the interactive state is formed by the electron shells.

The Earth is formed through gravity, and its perpetual existence is guaranteed through its orbital rotation around the sun, the sun's rotation around sister stars, and so forth. The biosphere is the dynamic boundary inbetween the gravitational and orbital forces in the extended planes of the universe.

In cosmology, the ultimate state (the materialized "Done-I") is a black hole, and the sequential force is the Yuga, the Cosmic Cycle or materialized "Known-I". The complex boundary between the two is called the event horizon.

In psychology, the Linga state is the feeling of Oneness, and the Bhava state is the connectedness with everything outside. The boundary between the two is the conscious experience of living as a sentient being.

In bio-psychology, the subwaves forming the functional spectrum of the sequential heart beat is the "Knower-I", whereas the spectrum of harmonic or synchronized heart rate fluctuations is the "Doer-I". On the boundary there is the breathing wave, and many other autonomic rhythms controlling and consolidating both. Without those controlling waves, the subwave templates must remain theoretical and there would be no question of individual life.

Subwave theory - a technical survey
"Waves are created when microvita move through the media of inferences. Inferences are the major waves, but sub-waves are created in them by moving microvita. The major waves function as the controlling waves for the sub-waves".

"Bhavastha", abstract, or the substratum

The sum total of all vibrations of the Universe, with the potential "Knower-I" or "Doer-I" faculties, visualized as a random set of wavelengths, with a random resulting main wave.

"Knower-I" and "Doer-I"

There is a difference between the simultaneous state and the sequential flow of inferences. The subwaves are synchronized through Golden Ratio recursion, describing an "ideal" however finite "Doer-I" subwave template of the simultaneous cycle. Only this particular form of subwave synthesis creates "solidarity in the planes of inferences" [Sarkar], seen as an orderly resulting subwave. Hence, the "Doer-I" causal factor is not a time evolution, but the sum total synchronized, simultanous state of the subwave template, know as the Causal Matrix or triangular Progenetrix of Creation. However, the flow of similitude or vibrational potential allready lies hidden within this state, as indicated by the arrows, waiting to be cognized in the field of "Knower-I". In the pulsative flow, each individual pulse again represents the complete Bhavastha.

Simultaneous state of Guna-interactions

Still further reduced fraction, visualizing how the complete "Doer-I" template lies simultaneously hidden within the triangular receptacle. It contains the sum total of all Guna-interactions in perfectly balanced order at all times, and hence philosophically this is the "Purusa" state, containing all information of the entire creation. It is a synchronized, unmanifest causal state. In the Bhavastha state, the Guna's are still theoretically present, but unrecognizable - there is no triangular receptacle.

A single carbonic atom can be composed of billions of microvita
"A single microvitum is insufficient to form one carbon atom, but when billions of microvita get solidified, a carbon atom is formed".

The number of "Doer-I" subwave- or causal matrices in the Bhavastha is infinite. The synchronized state created by Golden Ratio recursion can repeat itself endlessly, each time for infinitisimally changing subwave wavelengths.

The synchonized, perpetual, dynamic, unmanifest state of Nirvishesa

Visualizing the unmanifest Nirvishesa state. The "Doer-I" and "Knower-I" subwaves are infinite in number and thus the causal marix has reached a state of perfection. It's imminent "Knower-I" and "Doer-I" faculties are fused into one single pulse. Depending on the context, this is the Purusa, a Dirac pulse, the Big Bang, a discontinuous electron jump, a soliton, etc.. In other words, this state represents a singularity and the Gunaparinama is completely synchronized and unmanifest.

The three axes of the 3-dimensional world

The three axes of the 3-dimensional world lie hidden within the subwave matrix of the Progenetrix of creation. The number of subwaves in the "Doer-I" state is uncertain. It's normal spectral decomposition, showing the frequencies composing the "Doer-I" state as if in a time series, shows a modulo-3 recurrence. In other words, the singular "Doer-I" subwave template is defined not by 1, but by 3 different spectra, each having their own resultant wave. Only the integral cognizance by the "Knower-I", of these 3 sub-templates truly affirms the Purusa state. This is how the 3 orthogonal directions of the known universe are created, wheras the Purusa state guarantees their logical consistency, as well as a sense of sentient expansion in all directions. This is why "self-awareness" is so closely associated with "space".

Microvita and Cosmology

The "Knower-I" of the Bhavastha is the causal factor of the sequential principle. The sequential cycle is the "Known-I" of the main wave, and the factor which is being cognized by the "Knower-I" is ultimately the simultaneous or Linga state, acting as negative microvitum. The "Doer-I" is the causal factor of the synchronizing principle, functioning as positive microvitum. The synchronized form is the "Done-I" of the main wave, that is, the many forms of existence ("carbonic auxiliaries"), and that which is being synchronized by the "Doer-I" is the manifest or Bhava state.

Allthough in modern science, energy and vibration are well known, the Linga state as the cosmic essence of vibration has not yet been conceived. In active form, this is microvitum, and the causal factor is the Cosmic "Doer-I". Subtle Energy is the subjective counterpart of the myriad forms of existence, and the causal factor of subtle energy is the "Knower-I". The difference between subtle energy and its objective counterpart creates the mental sensation of external space, whereas the difference between the simultaneous and vibrational flow of similitude creates a psychic feeling of time. Hence, universal inferences are not as much the habitants of time and space, as they are the very harbingers of it. The personal factor or Jiiva-bhava is the result of both and is characterized by neverending dynamism.

The main wave or inference, allthough itself not a causal factor, is called the controlling wave, because without it the "Doer-I" and "Knower-I" would remain abstract, their reciprocation would not be understood and remain without consequence. The generic subwave matrix in the field of the "Knower-I" constitutes a pulsative flow of potential energy, resonating with the emanations of the hidden, simultaneous state. The subwave matrix in the field of the "Doer-I" exists but is unexpressed in the planes of inferences and therefore somewhat theoretical. The "Doer-I" can be viewed as the synchronizing of expressed energies back into the simultaneous guna permutation cycle, in the psychic domain.

Now whereas the sequential principle, or rather, the principle of similitude, lies hidden within the causal matrix of the cosmic "Doer-I", making the latter the primordial principle, just as well one could argue that both lie hidden side by side in the Bhavastha. In other words, Bhavastha would be the primordial interactive state, whereas the Universal Entity is Nirvishesa. By naming the "Doer-I" Krta Purusa and "Knower-I" Jina Purusa, P.R. Sarkar appears to have taken the revolutionary viewpoint that within Savishesa, both are equilateral causal faculties. That is, there is no primordial Causal Matrix as in philosphy, instead a "Knower-I" and "Doer-I" are recognized and given equal status as the internal causal faculties of the Universal Entity.

Microvita Cosmology - functional diagram and water vortex analogy. The water is Bhavastha, the sum total attributes is Savishesa,
and the vortex is "matter". The difference is that in the Universal Entity, the vortex emerges spontaneously.


Microvita and light
Modern physics has not yet reached the point of a truly causal or completely abstract approach of creation. Philosophy does provide the concept of a Primordial Principle ("Consciousness"), but it is a partially dualistic approach having no practical utilisation.

Now, if the principle of similitude is applied within the field of "Knower-I", it becomes potential energy. As a result, waves tend to be created. Applied to the generation or absorbtion of light, the principle of similitude is "Doer-I", and light is quantized.

For example in astrophysics, it is an established fact that the universe as a whole is in a state of deep-freeze, but not absolute zero. Allthough almost all matter is concentrated in or near stars, one could say that for sure no matter anywhere in the universe is colder than the temperature of the Cosmic Background Radiation (CBR), which is a few degrees above absolute zero. Hence, all matter in the universe is bathed in a vibrant ocean of internal and external thermal and other radiation. Without it, matter would turn into a so called Bose-Einstein Condensate (BEC). Its very existence would be jeopardized and there would be no trace of individual atoms.

Therefore, also in terms of modern physics, the existence of light is quintessential not only for individual perception, but for the entire material creation. And thus it must be acknowledged that the CBR indeed represents a causal factor, albeit for a different reason than commonly taught.

If a flow of similitude is expressed in the Macrocosmic Arena, it acts as a subwave template. It's orginal form remains hidden from sight, but its presence can be inferred through the creation of waves. The continual flow of cognizance of that mysterious factor within those planes of inferences is the "Knower-I" or Jina Purusa, reflected in the perpetual charm of the liberated mind. The emanation of a flow of similitude through the actional potential itself, analyzed within the proper cosmological frame, is called microvitum, the mysterious emanation of cosmic factor.

At one point, due to more sentient or more static reactions, the subjective and objective faculties emerge (bifurcation). When microvita impart decreasing and decreased wavelengths, the internal energies of a structure get more belligerent, whereas the external energies get more compelling. This is the physical universe. In the case of positive microvita, the internal energies may get more harmonic and the impact of external energies weakens. This state ultimately resolves into the transcendental ocean of pure Cognition. In the case of neutral microvita, there is neither a concept of matter nor that of transcendence. This is the plane of free flowing light and other radiation.

"When the original inferences come in contact with the plane of the universe, they are either reflected or refracted.
The unit cannot have the original inference. It has to depend upon and surrender to the Cosmic Reflecting Entity.
This is psycho-spiritual practice in the last phase".

Subwave cosmology and physics

"Where this movement in the plane of inferences of cosmic nature, that is, in the cosmic arena, creates a reflection only, there the reflected energy creates a sort of sentient reaction. And where there are reflections as well as refractions, these are of mutative character, creating mutations of various nature. And where there is no reflection, only refractions, they are of static nature. There is staticity in them". - Shrii P.R. Sarkar

One of the main problems in modern physics is that the idea exists that time and space are not fundamental, but there exists no way to describe it. In Sarkar's approach, Bhavastha or subspace is fundamental, and inferences, subwaves and normal time and space emerge within it due to the "Knower-I" and "Doer-I" causal faculties.

Here lies probably the greatest challenge, but also the greatest opportunity to follow Sarkar's guideline (in short): by dint of our spiritual sa´dhana´, our minds will develop in all their strata, and the power of conception will also develop, so that we will know all the secrets of these microvita".

Subwave cosmology requires conceptualizing the function and meaning of the subtle subwave templates relating to the "Knower-I" and "Doer-I" causal faculties. In terms of the modern physics line of thinking this means a shift in paradigm which can and should not be forged overnight. On the physics part, it is important to understand two different types of wave synthesis, which as such are well known, but not yet in the context of a causal approach of creation.

Another point is that of a "consummate perspective", meaning that our conceiving powers should not only be developed in depth but also in width. Specifically, one persistent misconception has been, that "microvitum", albeit it a subtle entity, can or should be explained within the context of existing physical or philosophical paradigms. This is definitely not the case. A paradigm shift ("A new line of thinking") is needed and then, based on those findings, useful connections with other disciplines may be established.

With this is mind, a causal approach of wave synthesis can be related to known forms of wave physics, and this may at one point help creating approaches for practical utilisation. Now, if the flow of similitude or refracted cosmic factor issued from the Causal Matrix enters the Universal plane, there is no actual reflection. There is the mere impact of negative microvita or the objective, static effect of cosmic factor, but there is no actual, sentient cognizance. This is the activated, dynamic state of energy refraction or generic essence. At one point, due to increasing loss of equilibrium among the causal factors, random main waves are created, that is, inferences, at first of very low density. Only the inferences are the actually reflected or "Known-I" factor, and the reflecting faculty is the "Knower-I". Hence, the "Knower-I" is the causal factor of the planes of inferences, and these are planes of refraction. This is not sufficiently known in physics today. The refractive planes of undetectible subwaves and the inferences travelling through it create the mental image of normal time and space. In terms relating to perceivable or detectible inferences, the refractive phase is referred to as additive synthesis. In other words, refraction refers to subwaves, and synthesis refers to vibrations, that is, the objective or "Known-I" portion of inferences, and the binding faculty is the "Knower-I".

Secondly, if more and more waves are created and the wavelengths are somewhat decreasing, the "Knower-I" gets objectivated into the "known" counterpart. For a proper analysis at this point, it is important to ascertain the causal factor. As long as the "Knower-I" is considered the causal factor, objectivation remains theoretical and this condition is untenable as it prohibits the cosmic planes to maintain equilibrium. Therefore, the proper approach is to consider the "Doer-I" as the causal factor in this stage. This is positive microvitic action, or the sentient effect of cosmic factor creating the psychic worlds. It is a synchronized, quiescent state of actual energy reflection and its microcosmic form is mental propensities, etc.. At this point however the "Doer-I" or Cosmic Factor is not truly expressed. Only truly engaged forms of life are the actually expressed or refracted "Done-I" energies, and the refracting faculty is the "Doer-I". Hence, the "Doer-I" is the causal or actional factor in the planes of reflection. This is completely unknown in modern physics. In other words, allthough energy is being synchronized, this is a refractive process, and the result is an increase and concentration of cosmic factor or microvitum. In terms of wave physics, the reflective phase is referred to as heterodyne synthesis. Equally in this case, reflection refers to subwaves, and synthesis refers to inferences, that is, the objectivied energy or "known" portion of inferences and the binding faculty is the cosmic "Doer-I". Inferences traveling through the reflective planes, that is, the psychic worlds, transmit the feeling of a deep, inner connection to the creation.

By studying how additive and heterodyne synthesis function as causal factors, tying subwaves in the planes of refraction and reflection to inferences, tremendous benefits can be achieved for society in many different fields.

Microvita and intrinsic spin

The individualized state of atoms is consolidated by the eternal and ubiquous electromagnetic flux. As a consequence of the CBR and BEC phenomena this fact is actually known in physics, but it is not generally articulated. If not only the abstract subwave operations are analyzed, but also an actual subspace medium itself is being considered, then the intrinsic spin of matter and force particles (or states) is the vortex-like manifestation of that original substratum in the medium of time, place and person. Intrinsic spin controlled by the simultaneous state of the "Doer-I" is "0", and might be associated with the Higgs boson (scalar boson). The spin controlled by the sequential principle of the "Knower-I" is "1", or the photon (vector boson). Finally, the intrinsic spin of the boundary state, that is, the structured charge shell, is "1/2", and this is known as fermionic spin. The fermionic spin of the actual nuclear state or nuclear particles itself is a subject of further research.

source: http://science.trigunamedia.com/subspacevorticity/

Example of practical utilisation: microvita cosmology and bio-psychology
"The question of suppression, repression and oppression does not arise in the realm of spiritual cult. You are simply to maintain equilibrium and equipoise – that is, you are to move maintaining proper parallelism with the fundamental propensities of the human mind" - P.R. Sarkar.

The human heart always maintains an equilibrium between the "Doer-I" and "Knower" portions of our soul. However, the level of presence of both may vary from moment to moment and from person to person. This is called Internal Cardiac Coherence, used in contemporary therapeutic and training practice. It was proven that the heart rate variability (HRV or HRV spectrum) is optimized by Golden Ratio. This allows a person to be emotionally engaged and empathic, while still being focused on their individual goals. Source: http://www.trigunamedia.com.

Philosophical notes
In the Theory of Creation, the flow with curvature or "kala" appears to have completely departed from the triangular Progenetrix and stand on its own. Whereas it may or may not have been suspected that the initial expression i.e. the linear flow or "nada", remains functional as the umbilical chord with the Purusa, fact is that through the "Doer-I" and "Knower-I" faculties the process is far more clearly explained.

In terms of spiritual philosophy, this has the important consequence that the "Bhava" state falls equally and explicitly under the jurisdiction of the Purusa, that is, Jina Purusa. In other words it is in no way a lesser or degenerate condition, as might easily be inferred from classical traditions.

Therefore, if not for its promise of practical utilisation, P.R. Sarkar's microvita cosmology is revolutionary in spirit alone, because unlike philosophy, it fully appreciates the field of human endeavour, competence and achievement as divinely guided. Our efforts to create some progress and glamour in the world of time, place and person implies in no way a departure from the Supreme Entity - it is merely the logical and inavoidable consequence of HIS pervasive presence as the Light of the world. In theory there is no bound to what civilisation can achieve - quite a different outlook than the traditional reclusive, grassroots take on spiritual lifestyle. This proofs the absolutely liberal and progressive stance of Shrii P.R. Sarkar not only as a spiritual teacher, but as a social revolutionary.

A civilisation which is conscious of the fact that the Universal Entity is the ultimate cause can create tremendous progress and bounty in the material sphere without exploitation. That is, if proper methods of utilisation are developed, there will be no scope for exploiting self, others or society. And utilisation is optimized and maximized if the source being utilized is the entire Macrocosmic order.

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