Microvitum is not a wave

By Pankaj / Frank van den Bovenkamp, April 26, 2015

Microvitum, like the Knowing Principle, is not a wave, but it can incite the formation of sub-waves and waves, as well as their dissolution.

Whether intuitionally or in the lab, microvita cannot be studied independenty of their cosmological context. Energy by itself moves blindly. It alone cannot create anything. In fact, energy only creates disorder. In physics this is called thermodynamics - it is one of the fundamental branches of physics.

The concept of energy moving in non-thermodynamic ways is little known in physics. There needs to be a certain intelligence, rather, conscience behind it. Intelligence commonly means logic, analysis, etc. This is intelligence in the personal sphere, increasing one's individual competences. The kind of intelligence behind energy is cosmic intelligence, and this is microvitum.

In physics, energy seeks a shelter in matter. This is the common process. But in the presence of a certain form of conscience, energy seeks shelter within itself, in ever increasing proximity with itself, and when this density reaches the maximum, this is microvitum.

Now in terms of cause and result, what comes first: energy seeking a shelter within itself, or microvitum? In other words, what is the real nature of this mysterious Cosmic Factor? This is a not an easy subject. Rather than saying, both are the same, or both occur simultaneously, a more progressive way is to formalize their causality. Besides introducing the obviously required subjective stance, the true novelty of this approach lies in the necessarily following objectivation of that mysterious cosmic faculty. This then we might say, is a non- classical approach of thermodynamics, whereas the knowledge thus created is the field of familiar physics.

Because we have in fact created a causal formalism, in the end we cannot say with absolute certainty whether only the field of microvita is primordial, or the field of microvita and physics together. In a somewhat philosophical style, this was very elegantly solved by P.R. Sarkar, by carefully placing our field of research, that is verily, the ontology of our approach, "on the silver lining between matter and abstract". Or, in slightly more technical terms, "plus or minus equilibrium".

It is a brilliant way of capturing the process of how "Consciousness" interacts with matter, not achieved in science and philosophy before. Because of the subtlety and novelty of Sarkar's new line of thinking, it is quintessential that we also follow his suggestion that, in order to understand the secrets of microvita, we should develop our conceptual powers (i.e. through intuitional practice). In other words, we need to understand this approach of cosmology "as is", that is, at face value, without hiding our imperfection in understanding behind ever so charming and colorful traditional archetypes.

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