Microvita and Cosmology

[Ed.] The following discourse was given by Shrii P.R. Sarkar in a special scholarly session for a small group of attendants.

In human beings and other animals, some propensity or other is either activated or slowed down by the impact of different inferences at various stages. Though this is not an easy subject, the impact that the inferences have at various stages on the body, mind, propensities, mass, hormones, etc. must be studied. We have to study the impact of inferences on the human body, the human mind and human psycho-spirituality.

The inferences of sound, touch, form, taste and smell all operate on different planes and their effects are also different. “Doer I” or Krta Purus´a is the concentrated form of positive and negative microvita in the universal arena, maintaining equilibrium – functioning in the arena of the universe. Positive microvita are utilized for physico-psycho-spiritual practice. Energy is “knower I” or Jin?a Purus´a, plus and minus the microvita passing through the universe. Sa´dhana´ is not possible without taking proper food because the vital energy one derives from food is a transformed form of other energies. Only positive and negative microvita will not do – vital energy is also required.

Microvita come from outer space, from the extended universe and the universal planes, through sound and other inferences. Sound and other inferences have various planes, stages and phases. Microvita pass through the different phases of these inferences. Positive microvita are concerned with energy or the psychic realm and negative microvita are concerned with the physical body because the physical body contains inferences, that is, matter. Matter is clearly associated with inferences – the original planes of inferences or the reflected or refracted planes of inferences. For example, mind receives the odour of a rose flower, but in the microcosmic plane of odour. This odour encourages certain propensities and discourages others. The mind certainly runs towards propensities, but one cannot achieve success by suppressing the propensities because more energy will be consumed in this effort. One has to divert the propensities by learning the art of pratya´ha´ra.

Now, the question is, How do positive and negative microvita maintain both equilibrium and equipoise in the universal strata – in the physical, physico-psychic, psychic and psycho-spiritual realms?

Microvita have nothing to do directly with the spiritual stratum. Positive microvita equal negative microvita – that is, the sum total of positive microvita equals the sum total of negative microvita. This is so in the entire macrocosm and in individual microcosmic structures. If there is over-utilization of positive microvita during psychic and psycho-spiritual practices, then there will be a shortage of positive microvita for balancing the negative microvita in the physical and physico-psychic strata, because the sum total of positive and negative microvita must balance each other. Thus, human beings should utilize their strength in all the strata. In the physical strata, utilize the immense power of negative microvita, otherwise the surplus of the negative microvita will become very strong due to accumulation. Good people should not go to the Himalayan caves. Rather, remaining in society, they should serve the society in the physical and physico-psychic strata with the help of negative microvita, and in the psychic and psycho-spiritual strata with the help of positive microvita. If good people neglect the use of negative microvita in the physical stratum, catastrophes are sure to come. Everything will be in pell mell order.

1) Supreme Universal Entity (Nirvishes´a).

(The Supreme Cognitive Principle and the Supreme Cognitive Creative Faculty +/- maintaining universal equilibrium and equipoise).

2) Supreme Attributional Principle (Savishes´a).

A (A) Knowing principle or supra-mundane knowledge. (Expressed energies of different characters – indestructible, interchangeable and inter-transmutable). (A) Planes of microcosmic and Macrocosmic propensities. (Different strata of mind: conscious, subconscious, physico-psychic, psycho-physical and psycho-spiritual).
B (B) Doing principle or supra-mundane seed of the actional principle, ready for being sprouted. (Microvita of different characters, either of positive or negative nature, collectively maintaining the balance of the actional universe creating initial forms of carbon atoms that help macro- and micro-propensities in having their pure physical auxiliary media with mass and wonts). (B) Planes of universal Macrocosmic inferences and their reflected or refracted inferences. (Planes of inferences which are being activated, accelerated and stimulated by (A) subjective).

(A) subjective relates to and controls (B) objective and (B) subjective relates to and controls (A) objective.

(A) subjective is the field of psycho-spiritual laboratory research and (B) objective is the field of external laboratory research. In the case of (A) subjective, results cannot come within external laboratory tests.

This is a new line of thinking – a new philosophical approach. Here “knower I” or “doer I” are not necessarily the mahat, aham or citta of philosophy. It is a new school of philosophical thought – it has no connection with mahat, aham and citta. New Sam´skrta terms will have to be created:

“Knower ‘I'” is Jina Purus´a
“Doer ‘I'” is Krta Purus´a
“Abstract” is Bha´vastha
“Non-attributional” is Nirvishes´a
“Attributional” is Savishes´a

Positive and negative microvita maintain equilibrium in the (B) subjective chamber of the Supreme Attributional Principle. That is why during the bifurcation, the unitary strength remains the same – the subjective and objective having equal value in strength during the phase of reduction.

There should not be negative use of negative microvita and there must not be negative use of positive microvita. You should always be positive. In the physical sciences, there are immense possibilities for the positive use of negative microvita. Positive and negative microvita are both necessary for balance. Due to the excessive use of positive microvita, it will become difficult to control and balance the negative microvita in the physical and physico-psychic strata because there will be a shortage of positive microvita. You must not run after occult powers.

In communist and capitalist countries, there is plenty of unutilized positive microvita because of the excessive use of negative microvita in the physical and physico-psychic strata in the society. That is why there is the problem of immorality etc. there. There must be full utilization of the accumulated excess positive microvita through sa´dhana´, service, etc. to solve this problem.

By splitting up the atom immense energy is released. This is due to the fact that the energy which is packaged up in matter comes out. To claim that energy is obtained due to the destruction of matter is theoretical and not physically proven. In fact, the energy comes out from within the store of the atom. Energy always requires a material shelter – a container. After the destruction of the container, the immense released energy moves very fast with tremendous speed in all directions in search of some or other material shelter. Finally, it finds a way in some country, in some human physical body, in structures and other material objects scattered around, or in the ocean, etc. Matter needs a shelter, and the shelter of matter is the earth. This is the secret.

When the original inferences come in contact with the plane of the universe, they are either reflected or refracted. The unit cannot have the original inference. It has to depend upon and surrender to the Cosmic Reflecting Entity. This is psycho- spiritual practice in the last phase.

There are 51 propensities in men. Positive microvita elevate the upgrading propensities, but the field of activity for negative microvita is the Manipur Cakra and below. Suppose the application of negative microvita in the region just below the Manipur Cakra helps to cure the fear complex in a sa´dhaka. At the same time it may also provide courage. But negative microvita can also do harm to others.

If one uses positive microvita in the physical and physico-psychic strata as in the case of Avidya´ Ta´ntrikas, it will create imbalance affecting spiritual growth. By excessive use of positive microvita, balance will again be lost.

10 June 1989, Calcutta
Published in:
Microvitum in a Nutshell [a complilation]

General notes:

In order to develop a proper understanding of microvita, obviously this very novel and subtle subject must be studied in the proper cosmological context as originally given by P.R. Sarkar. Here we should especially consider Sarkar's statement, in short: "this is a new line of thinking, other than philosophy". In other words, classical (spiritual) philosophy obviously does not provide the proper context to study the true nature of microvita in a meaningful way.

Of the total of 41 discourses on the topic of microvita, only the last 3 specifically related to cosmology, and of these 3, "Microvita and Cosmology" could be considered the capstone.

Once the cosmology, it's faculties and relations are well understood, intuitionally as well as intellectually, this may allow the integration and application of microvita science within existing disciplines.

Above indexed table was explicitly instructed by Sarkar, obviously emphasizing it's importance in the field of bio-psychology. However there is no indication that this is the only relevant or allowable arrangement. The diagram on the homepage of this website is the same table (i.e. the same components and same relations), taken as a diagram and re-arranged in such a way as to emphasize the physics implications. This is further detailed below.

A few initial comments to the text:

"Energy is a blind force. It has got no conscience – what is to be done or what should not be done, this sort of conscience is lacking in energy. But microvita are not like that; that is, they are not blind forces. They have the support of conscience behind them. This is another fundamental difference between energy and microvita". [Matter and Abstract]

"Positive and negative microvita maintain equilibrium in the (B) subjective chamber of the Supreme Attributional Principle. That is why during the bifurcation, the unitary strength remains the same – the subjective and objective having equal value in strength during the phase of reduction". [Microvita and cosmology]

Obviously the concept of bifurcation, as a primary causal agent of creation, is new and unknown in philosophy as well as in physics. The universal faculties Jina Purusa (Knower-I) and Krta Purusa (Doer-I) are by themselves neither subjective nor objective.

The universal, equipoised state transforms into Savishesa through the general principle of bifurcation. Although arguably the principle of bifurcation is mostly theoretical, it is extremely helpful in understanding the creational process of the "Knower-I and "Doer-I" faculties of the Universe. In the (subjective / objective) bifurcated state, equilibrium in the actual reduction phase is preserved through microvita. The preservation of the unitary strength provides a strong clue as to how microvita cosmology might be understood in a dynamical sense.

".. the “done” portion is the world of physicality.. and the “known” portion or the “known” counterpart is the psychic and psycho-spiritual worlds..
.. microvita when passing through the “done” world of the cosmic or individual propensities, or through the “known” world of cosmic inferences.."
[Cult, Inference and Propensity]

In Savishesa, the subjective portions of the universal faculties are referred to as Knowing resp. Doing Principle or Faculty. The resp. objective portions are referred to as the "known" and "done" counterparts, which are substrates, rather than actual worlds. The subjective faculties each "control and relate to" the objective substrates of the complementary faculties. This is what causes the actual emerging of the resp. "Done-I" and "Known-I" worlds in the Macrocosmic Arena. In other words, there is a conceptual difference between the principal "known" (resp. "done") portions of the universal faculties, and the "Known-I" (resp. Done-I) manifesting worlds motivated by subjective control (attraction).

It is throught these manifestations that the cosmic equilibrium is preserved, suggesting a clue as to why physicist find that all the physical constants are so precisely tuned.

For example, Sarkar refers to matter as "Known-I" in the planes of inferences [Matter and Abstract]. In other words, not the inferences themselves, but the effect of the Knowing Principle (subjective Knower-I or subjective Jina Purusa) on the cosmic inferences ( "done" portion, generic essence) is what manifests the physical universe. However, the "known" counterpart (i.e. of the subjective Knowing Principle) is the psychic planes. Hence, along the same line one can say that the psychic worlds are the "Done-I" in the psychic strata or planes, in the Macrocosmic Arena.

The term for Abstract is Bhavastha, i.e. bha + vastha, or the home of the 7 Loka's. The Abstract is itself neither objective nor subjective, rather it facilitates and represents the equilibrium of creation inbetween the attributional and non-attributional principles. Equilibrium is preserved because all the "four chambers" are controlled by reduction as well as synthesis.

Interpretation and representation of the original indexed table:

P.R. Sarkars original indexed table (as above), drawn as a diagram, while inserting the crossing control phases (left) vs. the same faculties and relations, drawn with the reduction phases crossing in the centre. Functionally both representations are completely identical, however:

  • Sarkar's arrangement appears to emphasize the bio-psychological viewpoint, where the "Knower-I" and "Doer-I" are coming together in the middle,
  • The second arrangement emphasizes the physical implications, where energy controlled by microvita is proposed to create a fermionic (i.e. matter) vortex in the centre (same view as on homepage) and the synthesis phases show the dual paths out of chaos.

Proposed stages of bifurcation:

B1: Simultaneous instead of cyclic "transformation" of Purusa under the sentient and static binding forces:
Krta Purusa (static, centripedal), Jina Purusa (sentient, centrifugal),
B2: Two witnessing Purusa's presents a contradication. Hence, one becomes the object of the other and vice versa.
This causes the objective Krta- and Jina Purusa's, and
B3: The equipoise of the Four Chambers is still somewhat theoretical. Dynamic equilibrium in the reduction phases is preserved through:
- two expressional or reduction phases, in the form of respectively microvita and energy
- two abstract synthesis phases (Bhavastha, "home of the 7 Loka's") creating the physical universe and the psychic worlds

B1 + B2 + B3 = Savishesa

Properly understanding each of the "four chambers" and their relations:

Jina Purusa = Knower-I: "(A) Subjective controlling and relating to (B) Objective", creating matter through solidarity* in the planes of inferences; (A) synthesis
Krta Purusa = Doer-I: "(B) Subjective controlling and relating to (A) Objective", creating psychic worlds through synergizing expressed energies; (B) synthesis
(A) Subjective = Knowing Principle = "subtlest form of energy" (e.g. freed pure energy of space, etc..)
(B) Subjective = Doing Principle = microvita (quantifying equilibrium of the cosmological equation..)
(A) Objective = Propensities, psychic worlds (forms of existence, in the form of coherently compressed subtle energy)
(B) Objective = Inferences (the purely vibrational aspect of cosmic waves, "generic essence", vibrational density)

In order to fully develop our understanding of microvita and microvita cosmology and practical applications, we need to deeply understand the meaning of these factors both on the intuitional and the scientific level.

* Note: the transcription is "solidity", however on the original tape the term "solidarity" is clearly heard [Matter and Abstract]. Ed.: the term "solidarity" obviously refers to matter synthesis in the planes of inferences.


"Sa´dhana´ starts in the plane of physicality and moves towards the physico-psychic plane. This first phase of sa´dhana´ is performed by the “doer I”. Then from the physico-psychic plane to the pure psychic plane, and from the pure psychic plane to the psycho-spiritual plane – this portion of sa´dhana´ is done by the “knower I”". [Cult, Inference and Propensity]

This is a purely objective approach, i.e. sadhana starts with the objective portion of the "Doer-I" (the planes of inferences) and ends with the objective portion of the "Knower-I" (psycho-spiritual plane). The phrase "done by knower-I" appears somewhat illogical, as the "knower-I" is not the "doer-I" afterall. In a synthetic approach, sadhana equally starts in the planes of inferences, however ends with the subjective portion of the "Knower-I" (subtlest form of Energy). Here, sadhana is a process of subjective synthesis. In reality both processes are the same, just the emphasis is different.

Subwave Cosmology - subjective synthesis through the wave matrix of the Abstract

"Microvita pervade both the ectoplasmic and endoplasmic worlds, and their presence creates various wavelengths. Waves are created when microvita move through the media of inferences. Inferences are the major waves, but sub-waves are created in them by moving microvita. The major waves function as the controlling waves for the sub-waves. When there is a change in the wavelength of a controlling wave, the entire inference, with all its qualities, gets transmuted. However, if there is a change in the wavelengths of the sub-waves only, the qualities contained in the major wave – that is, in the inference – change". [Q&A on microvita- Section H].

It is proposed that the "Knower-I" and "Doer-I" in microvita cosmology can scientifically be modelled and represented by subwave-geometrization. This equals resp. the creation of "solidarity" in the planes of inferences, creating matter, and synergy, creating the psychic worlds.

This approach might also be extremely helpful to develop a deeper understanding of the actual "Four Chambers of the Universe", and concepts in bio-psychology such as kundalini, the cakra's, heart-brain psycho-physiology, etc..

Further ref.: http://www.frankvandenbovenkamp.com