Neutrino's in Shrii P.R. Sarkar's "Four Chamber" cosmology
"Though this microvita research is to be done within the inner mind, inside idea, inside spirit, tests are to be started in physical laboratories"

By Pankaj / Frank van den Bovenkamp, Nov. 06, 2015

The neutrino's of quantum physics have certain properties very similar to those of microvita, such as being extremely small and elusive, travelling vast distances and crossing all barriers. However neutrino's are fermions, that is, matter particles - in other words they do not exist "on the silver lining between matter and abstract".

To understand how neutrino's could relate to Shrii P.R. Sarkar's "Four Chamber" model of the universe, it can be helpful to take a closer look at Nikola Tesla's experiments. By analogy, what Tesla observed in his laboratory could be a macroscopic version of de symmetry interactions in quantum field theory. A yet unknown re-absorbtion and consequent mass-energy conversion of "the neutrino" could then account for the energy yield reported by Tesla. Alternatively, it could be that through some unknown process, Tesla's discharge pulses trigger actual quantum level symmetry interactions.

Now, in quantum physics there is no such thing as "the" neutrino. There are three different expressions, each having different masses, however they are changing identity all the time. This is called neutrino-oscillation. A photon is also an oscillation, but it is an oscillation in time and space, whereas neutrino-oscillation is simultaneous ("quantum superposition"). In the normal (sub-luminal) situation, as the lightwave conveys its own medium, we may say that neutrino oscillations are carried by that medium, or indirectly, by the lightwave. Therefore, allthough the speed of light is finite, the impact of neutrino-oscillations, within their own field of action, is instantaneous, whereas the strength is not decreasing with the distance. The latter was also reported by Tesla.

If, for example, by some means we would be able to see a distant star, say Eta Carinae, in "neutrino light", it would not only be touchably close, also we would be able to discern all its evolutionary stages at once. That is, we would perceive it's initial form or cosmic blueprint in the psychic planes. Every created entity, every strand of existence is unique. Likewise, we could use such extra-ordinary perception for star navigation, to find other living celestial bodies, etc..

In quantum field theory, photons and neutrino's are involved in symmetry interactions. This can either be so called spontaneous symmetry breaking (resp. restoring) of the quantum field, or a process called beta decay or weak decay. In these processes also heavy bosons are involved, that is, bosons which instantaneously acquire mass during symmetry-breaking.

In other words, on the quantum level we see the same pulse-like modulations as in Tesla's experiments, albeit one inertial, and the other electrical. In order to understand how Tesla's experiments could trigger quantum effects, we need to consider the meaning of the "Four Chambers" in P.R. Sarkar's cosmology. Each Chamber signifies a certain type of sub-wave interaction (solidarity among sub-waves), and each type of interaction deploys a physical medium. There are two types of solidarity (coherence, synchronization, etc..) and two physical media, together forming the Four Chambers.

In this approach, Tesla's electrical pulse-waves are the manifestation of the sub-wave-structure of the luminous ether, whereas the simultaneous neutrino- (mass-) oscillations occupy the inertial ether (term by Albert Einstein). The exchange between the two ethers is detectible, and thus relevant, if the interaction is non-commutative. In other words, the path from luminous to inertial is different than the path from inertial back to luminous. This process was referred to by Sarkar as "bifurcation" - dynamically poising the dual ethers on the "silver lining between matter and abstract".

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