A few notes on "Chapter 4"

By Pankaj / Frank van den Bovenkamp, Sept. 04, 2015

The fourth chapter of Shrii P.R. Sarkar's (Shrii Shrii Anandamurtii's) Dharshan Shastra (spiritual treatise) Ananda Sutram is not based on a Cosmic Cycle, but is a synopsis of (apparent) transformations within Consciousness itself. In a somewhat simplified way, we may say that Consciousness first begins to sense itself (formal cause), then it starts interacting within itself (intermediate cause) and finally it may become polarized within itself (final cause).

In the pre-creational stage, the guna's can already be seen acting together, "at one point", however this is somewhat speculative as in this stage the individual guna's cannot be discerned. Yet, without this stage, the subsequent guna parinama (guna based creation) would remain imperceptible, and hence it can be said that the original Purusa exists at all times within, or in the form of this triangular causal receptacle - it is the alpha and omega of creation, it is all information of the universe, not only now, but of all times, issuing from, and returning back to a single point outside time and space. Verily, this ubiquitous, exalted stance beyond ordinary comprehension we may address as Parama Purusa.

Now, with respect to the created world, this is commonly referred to as "Bhava", and in the light of "chapter 4" creation theory, it is the plane of Bhava - Bhavanii, the final cause of the universe. Is the original Purusa lost or shattered here alltogether? This is not quite the case, however the style of guna expression has now become far more obvious, and hence we say that the Purusa resides within this world in a seemingly "bound" condition.

Now that the guna's have not only become more prominent, they have also become clearly discernible, and this we may apply not only to waves (e.g. phil. "tanmatra's"), but also to the material world. This is important in order for science to make the necessary progress to be prepared for coming transitions - there needs to be a decisively different way of thinking about causality.

At any given point in time and space, the guna's still act together as one, however with a dramatically different impact than in the boundless, initial stage of homomorphic evolution. Something is being created because the combined strength of the guna's is now preserved in the form of physical dimensions and therefore the original Purusa has apparently become locked-up inside these dimensions. It is a different approach to physicality.

There is a transformation back and forth, between the physical planes and the causal plane, and the operative force in this phase is Bhaeravii Shakti - rather, it is the fully unfolding Bhaeravii. This should properly be studied by scientists in various fields - it will greatly help the liberation of intellect in society. It places mind itself in the midst of interactions - it is not only the Knower but also the Doer, and out of this tensile, intermediate stage the conditional state of physical dimensions is wrought. There are no other, external causes, no prior conditions, than the "guna parinama" of the original Purusa, in the style of Bhaeravii Shakti. All we see and all we know is effects, but what we need to perceive is causes. We don't know what causes an atom to release a photon. It is this Bhaeravii Shakti - a subtle equilibrium linking the Known to the Unknown.

What is the function of the body, senses, nervous system etc..? All interactions in the universe either take place in a style of reflection (physical style), or refraction (psychic style), or both. It's a kind of subtler or cruder interactions. In other words, this fact is not exclusive for the biological body, and hence, from the viewpoint of Consciousness, the physical body is somewhat trivial - it is a mere apparition in a boundless, perfectly blissfull and fully cognizant ocean of waves. The body is not the cause, or even the vehicle of our "I-ness", our innermost self-consistency - the Purusa is, at all times and in all circumstances, through life and death. There is a mere association, rather, a certain feeling of congeniality with a creative possibility, a yet unexplored alley of evolution, and this original sensation we may call Shivanii Shakti - like a cosmic wave of ancient memory making us exactly know who we are and where we want to go.

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