PROUT and the Four Chambers of the Universe

By Pankaj / Frank van den Bovenkamp, Nov. 24, 2015

It is the utilisation of resources which helps society expand in the external planes. It is to some degree the positive utilisation of negative microvita. There is an abundance, there is an initial surplus ("Asti" of "Asti, Bhati, Ananda") so that civilisation can bootstrap itself into existence. However, "utilisation" without "progressiveness" sooner or later turns into exploitation - of natural resources, people, and social coherence.

This is beautifully illustrated with help of the "Steiner" (i.e. anthroposophic) interpretation of Four Chamber cosmology. Growth requires aging. It seems somewhat contradictive. The moment a baby is born, the aging process starts. When a society is born, there is growth, but also aging starts. There is a utilisation of negative microvita, and this can at one point turn into exploitation. A person who lives "on the edge", who wants to experience too much too fast, or live in the lime light all day and night, they age soon. If people are forced to work too hard for too little, they feel exploited.

The solution is not to withdraw from the world. The solution is to protect, nurture and strengthen the progressive side of the creation - in the natural environment, in personal life, in collective life and in the whole of society. It is the use of positive microvita, to build-up the inner planes, to update, strengthen an invigorate the blueprint of existence.

Energy is neither a resource nor a commodity, it is just a mode of expression, used by life since its very inception. Hence, there is no such thing is "Free Energy". Everything created from energy will sooner or later fall apart. In nature, energy is always bound within the creation - in cells, in trees, in the clouds, in the inter- and intra atomic spaces. Unless there is a thunderstorm, or any other temporary lack of equilibrium, energy is bound within the primordial matrix. The energy forms we use - chemical, electrical, thermic, etc.. can move freely within the physical planes, within the "Known" portion of the Macrocosmic arena. Hence, energy itself is "indestructible, interchangeable and inter-transmutable", but it is not the original Cosmic Factor.


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