Reflection vs. refraction in microvita cosmology

By Pankaj / Frank van den Bovenkamp, Aug. 16, 2015

In classical as well as in modern physics there is a certain relationship between a wave and the medium through which the wave moves, but it is not a truly causal relationship. There is a certain density, energy, speed, etc.. but the cause of the medium and that of the wave are unrelated, and remain mostly unaccounted for. The difference in modern physics is, that the medium as well as the wave are no longer considered absolute. This is a major step forward, but it still fails to tackle the central issue of causality.

Yet another leap forward, another line of thinking, is the relationship between a wave and its medium in microvita cosmology, introduced by Shrii P.R. Sarkar. This we could say is a post-modern approach.

In the primordial, boundless ocean, there are no physical or psychic dimensions, and hence there exist no waves and media as we normally know. The creation of waves and media out of this abstract stage does not entail any absolute change or transmutation of that state. It remains ever unassailed. It is very similar to the idea in philosophy, that Brahma is unchangeable.

Instead, waves and media coexist in the form of a special "plus or minus equilibrium", whereby the causal substructure is sustained by the reflection or refraction of the Universal Entity within each special state. The apparent transformation of the primordial state into the somewhat more specialized states is called "bifurcation". Thus, through the principle of bifurcation, waves and their media are co-created in a single instance, as a single appearance, and the initial figure is referred to as the "Four Chambers of the Universe".

After the inner bifurcation, there are not only the reflection and refraction of the primordial state within the various planes, but necessarily there must also be objectivities and subjectivities. A "chamber" and for example its plain objective "counterpart" is Sarkar's neutral "A, B" scheme, and considering the chambers with regard to their interconnections emphasizes the "Knower-I" and "Doer-I" causes in microvita cosmology.

Now, as far as the effect of the bifurcation on the Universal Entity is concerned, the issue of sentiency or staticity does not immediately emerge. But within the planes of physicality, rather, within the planes of inferences, there can be a certain sentient reaction. This reaction is perceived as the physical medium, and its style is reflection, caused by the adjustment of energy. Also there can be a relatively static or refractive effect, caused by the adjustment of wavelengths, and this is perceived as the psychic medium.

For example, matter is the objective portion of the refracted cosmic faculty, and it is also "Known-I" in the planes of inferences. There must be a sort of sentient effect so that the initial forms of existence can acquire the proper structure to function within this physical world. Propensities are the objective projection or energy of the "Knower-I". There is a special type of subjective, static attraction so that the blueprints of countless psychic worlds or prototypes of existence can be formed within the boundless primordial ocean.

Hence, in Sarkar's new cosmological approach, waves and their respective media have a deeper cause, and this is the reflection and refraction of the original state, that is, of the Universal Entity, within the various planes of inferences, maintaining equilibrium among the subjective and objective portions of the creation. It is a new line of thinking, not based on merely analysing that-which-is, but on actively realizing that-which-can-be, in a completely new and consistent way. This was never before achieved in science and philosophy. It is in some sense a devotional approach, at the same time promoting new and subtle scientific values. Therefore, every microvita scientist has to become the field he or she studies - it is inevitable in order to make progress.

Scientists of different disciplines should begin to understand that time and space, and therefore waves and their media, are not only relative, but also not fundamental, and put that to practical utilisation, and spiritualists should inspire and help them in this great endeavour.

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