Science of the "Silver Lining"
Identifying individual microvita through intuitional and analytical process

By Pankaj / Frank van den Bovenkamp, May 25, 2015

The English term "lining" can simply mean "line", for example the outline of some object, but also it can mean "enclosure" or "envelope", or somewhat more technically, a surface topology.

The phrase "silver lining", used by Sarkar for the boundary condition of matter and abstract, could likewise be taken either in a more general sense, or scientifically. The meaning of "silver" with respect to this boundary, could esoterically refer to the color of the moon, that is, the 6th. or Ajna Cakra, the seat and controlling point of the mind. In other words, it is pure mind itself, or "I-ness", somewhat different though from the "Mahat" of philosophy, which emerges at, is defined by and at the same time controls this mysterious, creational intermediate state between matter and abstract.

The primordial Faculties of Consciousness, according to Sarkar existing "on the silver lining between matter and abstract" are Microvita ("Doer-I") and Energy ("Knower-I"), and after further bifurcation, also their resp. subjective and objective forms. Hence, in a theoretical approach, mind is a concomittance of these two, resp. four "Chambers of the Universe", and the same could be applied to other archetypes of (dualistic) philosophy. Hence, Four Chamber cosmology truly is a "new line of thinking".

Commonly "microvita" are considered a mysterious factor, unknown to science, however the same could in fact be said for "energy", that is especially, in its subjective form. It is subtler than the energy expressed in the chemical, physical etc. planes.

In terms of a more precise analysis, the unique, still purely axiomatic creational path from infinite to nucleus, should account both for microvita and energy. Mathematically it can be modeled as a logarithmic spiral, because only a spiral's "beginning" and "end" are purely abstract. In other words, while carefully and with some reservation referring to the philosophical archetypes, a spiral constitutes the unison of "Paramashiiva" and "Purusottama" in an abstract sense, and at the same time it shows the path of both together, into physical creation, where they are perceived as the infinite physical medium resp. nucleus. The theoretical faculties "energy" and "microvita" then, are their resp. expressions, or "conception in the form of perception", on the silver lining between matter and abstract.

The application of a second logarithmic path, superposed on the initial phase, can form the onset of actual physical creation in 3 dimensions. The adjustment of their relative movements can either be with or without equilibrium. A theoretically infinite number of these dual 3-D spirals, when synchronized, forms a toroidal surface, and that surface or envelope is the "silver lining between matter and abstract". A quite remarkable spin-off from this so far purely axiomatic approach, is that the synchronized state naturally accounts for the crucially important, but yet barely understood "Pauli Exclusion Principle" of quantum physics. Vice versa of course it is a very nice affirmation of the axiomatic / mathematical approach at the same time. The dual paths into creation evidently account for the principle of "bifurcation" as indicated by Sarkar, moreover, incorporating subsequent bifurcations in one single geometric approach.

If the toroidal surface topology, which we might technically refer to as "synchronized charge envelope", that is, the "silver lining between matter and abstract", is not actually made up of an infinite, but more practically, of a finite number of axiomatic, (bi-) logarithmic paths, this could help explain Sarkar's clue that "a single carbon atom is the collaboration of billions of microvita". Following this line of thinking, Sarkar also indicated that future scientists will expand chemical formulas to include the number of microvita.

Now, analytically, the logical conclusion would be that microvita consitute the (abstract) center of the creational spiral, whereas energy is the infinite, and likewise abstract circumference. This is where pure intuition, or "siddhi" in the field of knowing comes in. The unexpected, purely spontaneous, personal vision of the author was that each creation path itself exists of countless microvita, like shining beads on a logarithmic, dynamically synchronized string. So the question is, can this purely intuitional viewpoint be helpful in a theoretical approach, that is, can it help to improve and deepen our scientific understanding?

Indeed there is a rational explanation, which takes us into the heart of a new and emerging "science of the silver lining". P.R. Sarkar pointed out that the creational phase is "with or without equilibrium". This seems akin to the known concept in science, a "far from equilibrium" dynamic system, however taken in a more primordial and abstract sense. One way this state could be accounted for, is to insist that, allthough the primordial faculties (i.e. microvita and energy) were introduced as equilateral, mutually concomitted aspects of "Consciousness", yet "microvita" is somehow assumed the primary Factor, and energy is secondary. Other authors automatically tend to take this position, however without further elaboration. In short, the Four Chamber approach of cosmology seems to imply a certain, likely infinitisemal state of non-equilibrium which cannot ultimately be objectified, but is only realized in mutual concomittance with our own, actual conception and perception. Afterall, we ourselves as researchers verily represent the very knowing Faculty which we are researching. It is of course very reminiscent of the "Copenhagen" conundrum of quantum physics.

To avoid endless philosophical regression, the only way is to reconize that the imminent mode of operation of Consciousness is self-referring. It is this same (apparent) a-symmetry which is in fact also the starting point of philosophy ("Shiivashakyatmakam Brahma"), just as it is theoretically in the Four Chambers approach. In other words, the fundamental axiom both in philosophy and in a theoretical approach is not initially based on "polarity" but on self-reference. This internal mode of operation (of Consciousness) is also called "Swabhava". The attempt to resolve the polarized interpretation in philosophy yields the so called "Cycle of Creation" (Srsti Cakra). Resolving the same with respect to the Four Chamber approach of the universe, yields the "science of the silver lining".

Hence, with regard to the purely intuitional discerning of microvita, it may be this "Swabhava", in other words, the intrinsically self-referring nature of Consciousness, which causes microvita to (intuitionally) appear as "beads on the logarithmic spiral of creation". As far as the suggestion of "a-symmetry" is concerned - the (abstract) center of the "spiral of Swabhava" still identifies the pure, concentrated form of microvita, that is, "Microvitum". In other words, if the a-symmetry is a priori appreciated, the latter is the outcome or proof ("Tayoh siddhih"). But if the Four Chambers approach is adopted, then the difference with the primordial state could be conceived in the form of a recurrent "string of microvita", rather than the singular, concentrated form. In other words, the spiral is in fact a spiral-in-a-spiral, etc. Or, "energy" at the same constitutes the infinite medium surrounding the logarithmic path into creation, as well as the path itself. The difference is subtle but real.

This is the "science of the silver lining" - creatively combining analysis and intuition, so that some time in the (near) future certain problems in society may be solved in a nice way, which may not elegantly be solved by mainstream science, or spiritual cult alone.

Additional notes:

- The toroidal surface topology of the dual (i.e bifurcated), synchrononized path into creation, was proven to accurately predict the positions of the formants in the vowels of human speech. In other words, as this is especially in the current context of course very reminiscent of the Yogic "sounds of creation", this is yet another piece of supportive evidence that the approach is real and viable [].
- The creative bifurcation is suggested to have a reverse geometrizing effect on the primordial substratum or Bhavastha. It was shown that the resulting geometries, when synchronized, very accurately predict the wavelengths of the primary colors. This was never achieved or even attempted in science before []. The underlying mechanism relies on the ratio between angular displacements ("Known-I") and relative compression ("Done-I") of the synchronized charge envelope (not published yet).

"The crop circle noticed on Milk Hill in Wiltshire (Southern England) on August 13, 2001 is being hailed as the most awesome ever made. It is composed of 409 individual circles in a spiral pattern. Appropriately, it was found in the heart of crop circle country in the United Kingdom" []. Who or whatever created this, as well as a great variety of similar looking patterns, and whatever their meaning and message may be, it is very reminiscent of the intuitionally perceived microvita / energy dynamics forming the "far-from-equilibrium" creation path at the boundary of matter and abstract. Curiously, assuming the cropcircle is not a hoax, the way it was created itself could very well be a "science of the silver lining".

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