Soul is not an abstract

By Pankaj / Frank van den Bovenkamp, Oct 29, 2015

Soul is not a mere abstract - it is not the completely immaterial Janya Iishvara of Sankhya.

The Supreme Entity is the material cause of the creation, having both a certain inertial quality, and a luminous aspect. The latter we're all too familiar with - it is the world we live in. But there is also a hidden factor - a certain kinetic effect, a direct and intimate, tactile sensitivity between the Supreme and the creation. "Soul" is all too often just a word for nót being in touch, for having moved outside the sphere of Supreme tactuality. This Macrocosmic, pervasive psycho-kinetic action is quite unlike the known forces of nature - its particles are smaller than the electron, its rays can travel large distances without diminishing in strength, while penetrating all barriers with ease. Once in contact with the extending fabric of the luminous ether, it creates a stir, a generic vibrational essence, conveying ideas, symbols and incentives into the world. These vibrations may appear random and chaotic at first, but in truth they carry an instance of Cosmic Intelligence in hidden form. Hence, these primordial vibrations are the incentives of all sorts of mental capacities, activities and individual and collective achievements and wellfare.

This unfolding of the hidden cosmic potential within the luminous, extended planes of the Macrocosm, within the extended crystal lattices of many elements and compounds, and within the atomic principal- and sub-orbitals and magnetic and intrinsic spins and their complete inner build-up, is guided by and expresses the different types of universal energies or macrocosmic thought-forms. So, does the creation consist of a centripetal or a centrifugal movement? It is both. The physical sphere of the galaxy extends far beyond the visible spiral arms, full of stars and nebula. It is only toward the centre that heat is generated, and billions of living celestial bodies are created, orbiting and radiating outwardly. Still further toward the centre there is a gap, and there inside resides the ultimate nucleus, the central black hole. This way, different spheres of life, different "Goldilock zones", different Loka's are created, each of these worlds having its event-horizon. Likewise, the human heart - does it live in the luminous world or reside within the tactile ether, in the "known" planes of waves or in the simultaneous state? It exist in and as both, and therefore the human heartbeat, which is said to be the most complex signal in the universe, creates its own event horizon.

It is the pulsative wave, in which the sub-waves of the biological matrix fuse into one, and again differentiate into extended luminous and then propensitive forms, at the same time creating, bridging and once again dissolving that boundary into the endless, self-similar but never the same flow of swabhava. It is that pulsation which beloved inventor and intuitional scientist Nikola Tesla found in his physical lab, leading him to discover and utilize a new and mysterious, life-like force. Tesla's pulsating "spark gap", the intervals in the human heartbeat, and the articulated void surrounding the central black hole of our Milkyway galaxy, all tell the same story. All exist only so that the One can be known as many, like fragments of a shattered mirror, each by itself reflecting the entire firmament - whether as the God of Babel, Osiris of the Egyptians or Purusottama of philosophy.

This is how creation remains one and indivisible, and it would not be possible if soul were a mere abstract.

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