Sub-wave de-synchronization as a cause of weak symmetry breaking
More on applying microvita science to Quantum Field Theory

By Pankaj / Frank van den Bovenkamp, June 28, 2015

The gauge bosons of quantum field interactions can either sense one another without technically interacting, or can influence each other, or can can be juxtaposed in a final, polarized state. These are the three main resp. interactive modes of quantum fields, which in modern physics are attributed to "symmetry breaking" due to known or unknown causes.

The Quantum Microvita Dynamical field is at the same time the subtler of the three (quantum) fields, and the container of all the tree. This "a-symmetric polarization" is yet another signature example of "Swabhava", the imminent self-referential creation mode of consciousness.

Quantum physics however does not provide a concrete field dynamics in either plane of expression, instead only describes the basic interactions and keeps the infinite creative flux in check using the artificial and quite un-creative process of re-normalization.

In a Quantum Microvita Dynamics line of thinking, the "unknown" type or so called "spontaneous" symmetry breaking is actually caused by sub-wave interactions having either a pro-matter or pro-mind effect within the activated field. Once sub-waves and sub-wave ensembles start moving through the electroweak / Higgs aggregate, microscopic and macroscopic psycho-kinetic fields are generated, known as "inferences", that is, waves within the broader context of the (Quantum) Microvita Dynamical field. Unlike waves in the usual sense, inferences at the same time have a simultaneous-time or psychic component, caused by the scalar field, plus a continuous-time or physical component, resulting from the vector interactions.

According to Sarkar, microvita cause the manifestation of sub-waves, setting up the fabric of inferences or main waves in the Bhavastha. If the unexpressed sub-waves would be considered existing but merely unmanifest, the idea of microvita would be entirely abstract if not trivial. Sarkar instead takes the revolutionary position that sub-waves, when not expressed (i.e. synchronized into scalar or vector fields), are non-existent, thereby making microvita (along with subtle energies) the discrete and original causal factor "on the silver lining between matter and abstract", and not sub-waves. This way Sarkar takes a groundbreaking leap forward from certain Sankhyan concepts on guna creation.

Nevertheless Sarkar refers to the main wave as the "controlling wave", obviously because at the end it is the main wave, and not microvita or energy, which constitutes and in some sense perpetuates the conditional appearance. Somewhat theoretically, the "original inference" is a specialized yet unconditional state outside the range of ordinary human perception - a universal thought-form on the verge of being materialized.

In terms of further research efforts, applying sub-wave interactions to quantum fields alone is insufficient. Evidence should be built by studying yet unexplained or only partially understood principles in quantum physics in the light of sub-wave interactions such as different types of spin, Pauli exclusion, decay modes, electron configurations and de-exitations, bio-chemistry, etc.. as well as their practical uses.

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