Subwave Cosmology

How the heart and mind create reality through bifurcation of the substratum

By Pankaj / Frank van den Bovenkamp, April 29, 2014

The substratum or "Bhavastha" is the somewhat theoretical stage inbetween the Unattributional Principle (Nirvishesa) and Attributional Principle (Savishesa). "Bhavastha" = bha + vastha = home of the 7 loka's, or Abstract. Within the purely attributional sphere, the matter aspect includes the Macrocosmic Arena (planes of inferences and psychic worlds) whereas the Abstract aspect includes the "Knower-I" (Jina Purusa) and "Doer-I" (Krta Purusa), and, for the sake of argument, the purely subjective and objective planes. Hence, the "Four Chambers of the Universe" exist on the silver lining between matter and Abstract and in the attributional state, the pure matter aspect is the physical universe. Hence, those who believe that "Bhavastha" refers to one's inner, imaginary world are mistaken. The only thing which is imaginary is the differentiation between what is "inside" and "outside", which is a mere creation of the intellect - it is paravidya. Hence, with regard to the jiiva (microcosm), Bhavastha stands on its own, however cannot be fully understood without considering the unattributional and attributional states.

The onset of the attributional state is the equipoise between Jina Purusa and Krta Purusa and is still somewhat theoretical. There is no practical distinction between the "Knower-I" and "Doer-I". Actual bifurcation is the creation of the subjective and objective chambers of each. This is called the reduction phase, and the result of the reduction is the bifurcated state. In the final stage of bifurcation, equilibrium is maintained through microvita (with conscience) and energy (without).

For example, with respect to the human heart, the question of conceptuality and perception does not truly arise. In the earliest stages of development, there is no evolved autonomous and central nervous system. Hence, the moment the heart starts beating recognizably, this cannot be considered a complete state of bifurcation. There is no question of equilibrium through microvita and energy, and hence there are no expressed perceptions and propensities. The reduction phase has been initiated within the Bhavastha, expressed through the regular pulsative flow, but the initial creation of the four chambers remains in a state of equipoise.

In the next stage, after birth, when the breathing starts, the mind is also activated. The breathing wave controls the pulsative flow of the heart and this awakens the individual "Knower-I". Now the equipoise becomes a simple equilibrium, and hence there is a rudimental expression of propensities, however still under macrocosmic control.

From this point on, there is a gradual expression of samskara's, emanating from the Cosmic "Doer-I", that is, from astronomical, astrological, environmental, social, family, bio-physical and bio-chemical influences, affecting the "Knower-I" and as a consequence, impacting on the propensities, hormones, etc.. As a result, more complexities, rather, a more complex equilibrium is introduced. During the ongoing reduction, the heart is activated by the sympathetic fibres and to preserve the equilibrium with the macrocosm, the mind increasingly influences the heart through the vagal nerves. This is how the jiiva grows and evolves, and the complexified macrocosmic equilibrium manifests itself through the clashes and cohesions, the struggles and joys of individual life.

The number of sub-waves of Bhavastha is infinite. The physical body is a biological machine and belongs to the Macrocosm - it is not a jiiva. By dint of the initial heartbeat, the breathing wave and individual samskara's the jiiva is born out of the Abstract. In the evolved stage, and during all of life, Bhavastha remains the substratum of all sensory and propensitive waves, controlling these through the "Knower-I" and "Doer-I" matrices. But within the manifested universe, the microcosm has a relative amount of freedom, while increasing and enhancing its emancipation through spiritual cult.