Microvita and the first epi-phenomenon

By Pankaj / Frank van den Bovenkamp, May 2, 2015

- Deepening our insight in microvita cosmology
- Can Shrii P.R. Sarkars sub-wave cosmology help understand yet unsolved riddles in quantum physics?

"When research into the crude and the subtle part of atoms proceed together, then only will there be great benefit for the entire creation. The subtler part is closer to idea and the cruder part is closer to matter". - Some Guidelines for Commencing Microvita Research – Section A

In philosophy it is said, nothing in this universe is stationary, everything is in a state of constant motion. While this is not incorrect, we should keep in mind that motion alone does not entail action. Without action, nothing is created. Hence, a more precise analysis is to say, everything in this universe is in constant motion, and this motion is constantly changing. In other words, everything is in a constant state of acceleration (or deceleration). It is through acceleration, and in the form of acceleration, that everything is created - from atoms to galaxies to the entire universe. Motionlessness is an illusion.

From a somewhat mystical point of view, we might say that the Macrocosm possesses the mysterious power to create acceleration, and thus to act, without an apparent cause, that is, without the need of Newtonian action and reaction. In a sense we can say this is an occult power of the Universal Entity. At the same time, in sub-wave terms, a certain imbalance, or rather, de-synchronization of the primordial, unmanifest state causes the release of a certain amount of energy. Hence, in a general sense, the de-synchronization of the subwave-structure of the universe constitutes its primordial actional faculty.

Now, where the initial or primordial imbalance of the sub-stratum is adequately compensated through some form of interaction within the external planes, that is, in terms of Newtonian physics or in modern physics terms (i.e. in terms of distances between elementary particles, atoms and mulecules, which is the foundation of mind), we may say that the de-synchronization of the sub-stratum is systematic. And this systematic de-synchronization of the sub-wave structure of the universe, forming the foundation of a consistent, meaningful and perpetual creation, is microvitum.

The principal form of perpetual creation was referred to by Shrii Sarkar as the "original inferences". In other words, "inference" is a wave within the greater context of sub-wave resp. microvita cosmology. If we only consider a wave in the classical sense, and a primordial cause is suspected but is not actually seen, then this wave may be called an "epi-phenomenon". The sum total of all these epi-phenomenological waves, in other words, the entire world of unseen cause and origin, is referred to in Hindu culture as "Maya". In other words, while bound within the powerful play of "Maya", we cannot normally have the original inferences.

In terms of an in-depth analysis of modern physics, we could ask, what is the most fundamental, what is the first epi-phenomenon? And how do we understand the correponding "original inference" i.e. its foundation within the sub-stratum?

The original creative medium or sub-stratum was referred to by P.R. Sarkar as "Bhavastha", or the Abstract. Its perpetual but unmanifest creative flux is Swabhava. Bhavastha or the universal sub-stratum is outside time and space, outside the known dimensions, where everything is connected and happening in the same instance. It is the experience of mystics, outside ordinary human comprehension. Logically, the initial manifestation of the Bhavastha in the physical planes must be in the form of a flow of pure, localized, perpetual acceleration, in other words, it is a point of pure and original creational action without an apparent cause, and this is the so called "particle spin" of quantum physics.

Therefore, if we consider spin as perpetual and dynamic, we may say that spin is the original inference of particle physics. Hence, spin is the first epi-phenomenon. Technically one might argue, that "spin" is not a literally a property of particles, but a property of the Bhavastha, that is, of the universal sub-stratum itself, leading to an elementary epi-phenomenon congenially referred to as "particles". In other words, the spin is carrying a particle, rather than the way around.

A detailed study shows an approach to how spin in quantum physics relates to microvita, including an explanation of the so called "Pauli Exclusion Principle", which lies at the foundation of the atomic internal structure, based on the same sub-wave principles.

An important conclusion is that microvita cannot be understood and described entirely independent of their application in the practical world, that is in the creation of "carbonic pabula" [Sarkar] i.e. everything from "carbonic" atoms and amino-acids, to ecosystems and biospheres. Their original state is more likely an unspecific, pervasive actional potential of the Macrocosm, whereas the practical interactions account both for the quantized form, as for distinct categories. Hence, microvita exist "on the boundary of the silver liing between matter and abstract", so therefore, research into the crude and the subtle part of atoms should proceed together.

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