The Heart's Formula
Microvita and mysticism

By Pankaj / Frank van den Bovenkamp, March 10, 2015

"There is only the constant knowledge and enjoyment of the heart,
from moment to moment,
through the instant of conditions of appearance and disappearance.
Of this I am perfectly certain - I am THAT".

Adi Da Samraj

Enjoyment means living from moment to moment. We know by heart that this is our natural state, and so we say, we live "in the moment", as if there is only one. Therefore, from the viewpoint of enjoyment, change always comes sudden. Whether it is the Big Bang, a discontinuous electron jump, or a grown-up child leaving their family home - there has been no feeling of the passing of time, and hence there was no such thing as a gradual change, nor the anticipation of cause and effect, and once that change occurs, we cannot say whether it came from without or within. Only after a change has taken place there is a gradual flow, a new wave has been created, a new dimension of time and space opens up, adding its distinctiveness to that of the macrocosm. Then we know a slow phase of cosmic expansion, a photon traveling as a lightwave, or children frequenting their parents on a weekly or monthly basis. Thus, out of the phase of enjoyment, a new and different phase of knowing has emerged, everything mirrors everything with no end, and on the longer run, the phase of knowing will gradually merge back into the original state, vanishing from the theatre of time and space like a dimming stage light. As the evening falls, as the seasons have gone by, energy finds a shelter in matter, children start their own families, and the entire cosmos slowly dissolves into singularity. Therefore, everything we can possibly know, everything we ever have known, everything that comes within the periphery of knowing, belongs to, exists within, and returns to that momentary stance, that singular pulse of creation, that Cosmic Nucleus or mystical Heart, as we are led away, and again back into THAT, from moment to moment, through endless cycles of conceptual and perceptual potentialities. Now, instead of taking a philosophical viewpoint, we can can look, with mathematical precision, what happens at that moment of change, at the instant of appearance and disappearance of conditional states. It is that mysterious realm, on the shore of the boundless ocean, referred to by P.R. Sarkar, as a state "plus or minus equilibrium", that is, the boundary "on the silver lining between matter and abstract".

A selection of key phrases from P.R. Sarkar's microvita cosmology

"Inferences are the major waves, but sub-waves are created in them by moving microvita. The major waves function as the controlling waves for the sub-waves. When there is a change in the wavelength of a controlling wave, the entire inference, with all its qualities, gets transmuted. However, if there is a change in the wavelengths of the sub-waves only, the qualities contained in the major wave – that is, in the inference – change". - Q&A-H

"Positive and negative microvita maintain equilibrium in the (B) subjective chamber of the Supreme Attributional Principle. That is why during the bifurcation, the unitary strength remains the same – the subjective and objective having equal value in strength during the phase of reduction". - Mv&C

"When the original inferences come in contact with the plane of the universe, they are either reflected or refracted. The unit cannot have the original inference. It has to depend upon and surrender to the Cosmic Reflecting Entity. This is psycho- spiritual practice in the last phase". - Mv&C

"Where this movement in the plane of inferences of cosmic nature, that is, in the cosmic arena, creates a reflection only, there the reflected energy creates a sort of sentient reaction. And where there are reflections as well as refractions, these are of mutative character, creating mutations of various nature. And where there is no reflection, only refractions, they are of static nature. There is staticity in them. So matter is not bottled-up energy – it is “known I” in the cosmic arena, in the arena of the cosmos". - M&A

The primordial state or Entity - synchronized, unmanifest, simultaneous time and space.

Fractal Delta series
Primordial or principal interaction, radiating from (sentient), and returning to (static) the Unmanifest.
(plus/minus equilibrium; "silver lining between M&A")
The interaction, now taken as having it's own stance: Jina Purusa. This cannot be known, for it is Knowing itself.
+ Continuous time + space
(plus/minus equilibrium; "silver lining between M&A")

+ Periodic Delta series
Still, it remains the same Primordial Entity - it has never changed. This is the eternal Svabhava of the Creation, the Bhavastha, the mystical stance of the Supreme within the manifest, while still remaining identical to itself, plus/minus equilibrium, or the original (state of) inferences
(plus/minus equilibrium; "silver lining between M&A")

Complete sub-wave diagram (click to enlarge)

In other words, the unique position of microvita science is that, although a single causal Faculty or never-changing Promordial Entity is in fact recognized, instead of presuming that all change (or interaction or mutation) is simply "relative", and thus a philosophical line of thinking is developed, a spatio-eternal dimension of perpetual dynamism is given equal importance as a primordial Cause, complementary to, and in eternal dialogue with the Unmanifest, and this develops a rather scientific style, having a certain type of practical usefulness. The uniqueness of this approach is that, allthough it is scientific, the personal value is undiminished, because all change, and hence all form of manifestation ultimately has a mystical cause. To be precise, whereas in the somewhat psychological setting we find that all change comes sudden, the scientific proposition is that change, that is, every inference, is instantaneous. That is, in the words of Adi Da Samraj, a "condition of appearance and disappearance", that is, a bubble of continuous time and space is created in an instant, borne from a mystical state of pure "enjoyment" or blissfulness or Cosmic Grace. This happens over and over again, and a myriad of times simultaneously, every atomic and molecular interaction, indeed every expression of a "Jiiva", constitutes a time-and-space bubble, and the solidarity of all those time and space bubbles constitutes the one Universal Knowing Principle or Jina Purusa. Now the challenge for scientists, and for society as a whole is, in order to be able to develop this new and vast area of research and practical utilisation, the devotedness to that mystical cause, that one Cosmic Entity, must be developed and cultified in equal measure.

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