Thinking about the Higgs Boson

By Pankaj / Frank van den Bovenkamp, Sept 11, 2015

As discoveries in modern physics are getting more and more abstract, physicists are having more and more difficulty to come up with useful yet appealing analogies to visualize the newly discovered principle. Not only to educate the big audience, but among themselves just as well.

A notoriously difficult to visualize concept for example is that of spin, especially the relativistic "bi-spinor" or "Dirac-spinor" of quantum physics. It is an entity which, after rotating not 360° like normally, but 720° returns back to its original state. Obviously the concept of "rotation" here is something else than in the normal world.

Likewise, physicists are trying their best to visualize the Higgs boson, or more generally, the Higgs Mechanism. The Higgs boson, that is, the smallest perturbation of the Higgs field, is what causes mass. However, the concept of "mass" in relation to the Higgs boson is subtler and one could say, more primordial, than "mass" as we normally know it.

The answer lies in young Albert Einstein's original thought: what will it be like to travel on top of a beam of light? Later he found and proved beyond doubt that the time, from a photon's point of view, to travel from A to B is infinitisimal. As a consequence, from the viewpoint of a photon, the very idea of the vastness of space is non-existent - everything happens instantaneously, from moment to moment. It is a state beyond our normal cognitive powers.

Now, rather than literally saying that the Higgs field gives mass to particles per se, physicists say it has slowed them down, somewhat like sirup slows down a bullet. As a result, time differences to travel from A to B become noticeable, and therefore also the distances between objects, and the vastness of space itself. This is a very different universe, and in this "slowed-down", condensed ("crudified") universe, particles (except photons) behave in a way we commonly perceive as "having mass".

The idea is very roughly like a point-to-point (vector) line drawing which is colored-in (adding "value"), so that a picture emerges. Both the lines and the colors are needed for the picture to come alife. In terms relating to microvita cosmology, the line drawing constitutes the planes of inferences, and the colors are the psychic worlds.

However, this does not simply mean that Higgs-boson equals (positive) microvita, and photon (- boson) equals subtle energy. Bosons, afterall are interactions between matter particles (fermions), hence the term "gauge bosons", and microvita and energy are subtler than that.

A clue how to bridge the "Higgs <--> fermion <--> photon" universe with microvita cosmology might be given by Quantum Field Theory. The common explanation is that the "Higgs field" influences the "Electroweak field". This is however a slightly confusing, historically grown naming convention, because the Higgs field gets its name after the interaction, and the Electroweak field before. Better would be either Higgs-field and Photon-field (named after the resulting gauge bosons), or "Goldstone field" and "Electroweak field", after the initial states.

Either way, the so called "broken symmetry" state of the interacting fields cannot well be described without the rather contrived mathematical trick called renormalization. Here it is where microvita cosmology might come to the rescue, by introducing at least one subtler level of causality, controlling Higgs- and photon field perturbations directly. In other words, the somewhat theoretical process of "spontaneous symmetry breaking" (i.e. other than decay interactions), is not at all "spontaneous" in the sense of random, rather it is a subtle "plus or minus equilibrium" among the interacting quantum fields going in and out of symmetry.

These yet unknown, special kind of quantum field modulations could be motivated by various modes of sub-wave interactions introduced by Shrii P.R. Sarkar. In other words, the symmetry fluctuations would now be embedded within a comprehensive framework of sub-wave interactions, and the latter is the "Four Chamber" approach of Sarkar.

Once the quantum symmetry states are thus brought under control, the stage is set for the great game of life. This would then require a yet more fundamental causal faculty, able to precisely manage and fine-tune the quantum-field / sub-wave creation machine. That is, rather than maintaining a perfect, but therefore non-creative equilibrium, a creative state of "plus-or-minus" equilibrium is introduced, and the operators of this state are called microvita.

The "plus-or-minus" equilibrium in microvita science is closely related to the concept of "Svabhava" in philosophy, that is, the "characteristic bearing of Consciousness". Hence we might say that "plus-or-minus" equilibrium is the characteristic bearing of microvita cosmology. It is the subtle physics of how something unchangeable can yet be creative.

Hence, microvita might be understood as infinitisemal, systematic desynchronizations of the quantum-field / sub-wave matrix, overall keeping it in a perpetual, dynamic, synchronized, unmanifest state. The immediate result must be infinitisemal, systematic mass- or inertial fluctuations (i.e., of the heavy Electroweak bosons..), ultimately carried forth through the electromagnetic field, currently totally unknown in physics. This, one could say is the Macrocosmic psycho-kinetic actional principle, ready to be sprouted and seed life all accross the universe.

The remaining question then is, how to understand the Higgs and photon bosons within the causal framework of microvita cosmology? The gauge bosons are neither purely objective, nor purely subjective. So they are neither microvita, nor energy, etc.. Rather they constitute the manifested psychic and physical planes themselves. This is exactly the definition in quantum physics - the Higgs boson is the smallest perturbation of the Higgs field, and the photon is the smallest perturbation of the electromagnetic field. The latter, as we know, was Albert Einsteins breakthrough discovery.

Hence, the electromagnetic field forms the (abstract) framework of reality and the Higgs field its substance, and together they constitute this entire universe and all life in it. But to explain this well, the original causes must be taken into account, and these are entirely outside the range of bosons and fermions.

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