Understanding Tesla
Simple and repeatable lab results hinting at the existence of an unknown factor..

By Pankaj / Frank van den Bovenkamp, Nov. 12, 2015

The "free" of "free energy" should not be used as an adjective but as a verb - we must free energy from our illogical ideas and irrational expectations. Energy itself is not a resource, it is a utility - a medium for utilizing the real engine of creation. That's how life has been doing it since 3 billion years. No doubt convenience and luxury are tell-tale signs of civilisation, but an all too explicit hunt for "free energy" (adjective here..) is not spectacularly different from the same exploitative line of thinking it claims to reproach.

The real force behind the evolution of society is the original Cosmic Factor, referred to here as SESP (Scalar Electro-Static Potential). Its bifurcation into a magnetic and a subtle energy component is imminent through the synchronization of sub-waves. This is how a synthetic EM wave can be detected, having a certain energy. Under certain circumstances however, the wave can be detected as a particle, the latter hinting more directly at the original SESP.

Relativity theory does not refute the possibility of an SESP, rather the latter falls outside its scope. Relativity is an internally consistent approach of time and space. Here the term "bifurcation" does not apply, but it is a well established, albeit lesser known fact that the relation between the electric and magnetic field dynamics is also relativistic. If the latter is instead expressed purely in terms of sub-wave synchronization, this will help prove that time and space are not fundamental.

The state of perfectly synchronized sub-waves is quite theoretical and physically trivial, but enables us to understand the sub-wave structure. It is only the subtle, dynamic equilibrium (deeply intuitional, "swabhava" in philosophy) forming the characteristic bearing of life (and civilisation) itself, which allows the SESP to enter and influence the physical planes.

Biological evolution thrives on intelligently disassembling the etheric factors. That is, through phases of increasing and decreasing sub-wave synthesis the electric and magnetic components of waves are effectively seggregated, setting free the internal energy and exactly this, in a rudimentary form, may be what Tesla stumbled upon in his laboratory.

By analogy, a musical experience constitutes a single, main flow or wave. The initial repository or generic essence exist in the form of a distinct (not random) collection of otherwise unrelated vibrational numbers or cardinal values. Only in the context with other notes they gain a certain significance or charge (ordinal values). The musical composition combines the placement and sequence of the notes within its own medium, and this builds the main energy of the musical experience. In other words, the same factor controlling the placing and timing, also controls the relation between vibrational numbers and actual notes. As it is the latter which are intelligently arranged in the composition, we might say this is what unfolds the musical space-time. An analytical breakdown will leave actual notes in the void and literally de-compose the piece into its original subjective and objective factors.

When Tesla spoke of "frequency", he did not mean a regular "AC" (alternating current) wave, but a pulsative wave. Also, when he spoke of "electricity" he referred to what he thought of as the original factor, which he also called "Radiant Energy". Here we will use the term SESP, referring to the same. Without probably having realized it himself, Tesla's pulse-wave is in reality a basic type of synchronized sub-wave ensemble. This can mathematically be demonstrated. Allthough the sub-wave decomposition of Tesla's pulsewave may not necessarily be physically relevant, only this is what provides the meaningful contextualization of the SESP - EM interactions.

Thus, Tesla effectively pulverized a bit of "physical ether" and offered, as it were, the freed (not: "free") energy at the altar of the master coil of his lab setup. The excited master, not bound by electrical source connections of its own, responds, as it appears, not by balancing the energy equation directly, but by attracting SESP from the environment and turning that factor into a blessing for the user world.

Amateur research technicians repeatedly demonstrate extra-ordinary effects, mostly using relatively simple home-based setups. Their efforts might easily go unnoticed, certainly in the scientific community, if not for conspiracy reasons, then for lack of theory and exposure. See examples below.

Clearly, these effects can neither be accounted for, nor be explained away using textbook physics. The novelty of using "Four Chamber" / bifurcation interactions is the idea that instead of energy is being SENT into the load, some unknown factor is being SUCKED into the load, to the same effect. Apart from the anomalous physics, the real important part is that there is a real gain in USER BENEFIT (light, motor power, etc..) without there being a detectible energy gain. Hence, there is no question of a "free energy" commodity other than what appears to be circulating inside the load. That is to say: by common standards it is in fact the most UN-FREE ENERGY..! In this light (pun intended..), the fact that the output reportedly cannot be looped back to make the device self-running, is rather affirmative of the proposed mechanism, than refuting it. Nature can be tempted but not be fooled.

Another interesting factor is that the Tesla coils here are not used in the iconic sparking mode (which would require a condensor cap). Yet, in the latter case there also appears to be an anomalous effect. This is the creation of "leaders" - channels in the air through with the actual energy can flow. This phenomenon is unexplained by physics today. The same is the case with natural lightning. Lightning and discharges are disruptive effects, so it could be that the intrinsically bifurcated exchange in this case takes the form of a discrete magnetic (..!) channel plus an energy flux.

"Free energy" or not - there's a lot to be gained.

Q: If Nikola Tesla in fact stubled upon biology's way to access and utilize Cosmic Factor, then, vice versa, where do we see Tesla's pulse wave in biology?
A: Most obviously in our heart and brain waves, in different forms. This becomes important the moment that getting out of the conditional state called "Maya", we realize that all of reality is an internal projection. But also, in orbital build-up, molecular synthesis, the formation of amino-acids and DNA and in the auspicious protein folding, we see SESP / sub-wave intelligence at work, albeit in a somewhat different style (referred to as weak geometrization). Yet other examples are the (proven) geometric origin of color and of vowel generation.

Q: If this indeed hints at future technologies etc., what will society look like?
A: Before any technology can see the light of day, first we need to change our way of thinking. Less quantitative, more qualitative. Less objective, more subjective. Less "matter", more "abstract". When this is achieved, the world will simply become more psychic, the universe will become more internal. That means, what we now do in our mind, we will then be able to do for real. Essentially it is all about education, about the proper way of thinking.

References (YT)

- Using a simple, Tesla-coil like setup, a 120V discharge lamp was lit to (apprx.) its normal luminous power, whereas the electrical poles could easily be touched, and the input wattage was far less than noumenal. Conclusion: there is no actual "energy" or "energy gain" at the load circuit of any known kind, however the "user effect" was the same.
- Same, using a small Tesla coil with an extremely simple (solid state) pulse circuit.
- Using simple Tesla coils as sender and receiver, not only power transmission could be demonstrated, but also from the same receiver point a 90V neon bulb and a 12V incandescant could be lit in parallel [3:00]. Normally either the 90V would not lit, or the 12V would burn out - there's no alternative.
- "Tesla Radient Charging" - using Tesla coils, substantial power was transmitted over several meters distance, brightly lighting a LED armature.
- More..

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