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Frank van den Bovenkamp was born and lives in the Netherlands. His research covers a wide range from psycho-physiology to physics. He is one of the pioneers in microvita research specializing in microvita cosmology. He is best known for his wave matrix theory. He attributes his creativity and productivity to his long time meditation practice.

Frank graduated from the Engineering Academy in Enschede, the Netherlands in electronics, while majoring in applied physics, in 1987. Soon after graduation, he engaged himself in research, innovation and entrepreneurship. Frank invented the CardioGem and NeuroGem, highly innovative ECG / EEG diagnostic applications. His products are used by health professionals in clinics and by researchers worldwide. Frank collaborates with entrepreneurs, creative and open-minded scientists, therapists, artists, spiritual practitioners and educators.

Information about the Wave Matrix of Life, Microvita Cosmology, CardioGem and NeuroGem can be found on his web page:


My sessions:
Microvita & Cosmology: A new science for a changing society
Tue. July 19, Afternoon knowledge session
More info:
Introduction to microvita science. In this talk we will focus on P.R. Sarkar's "new line of thinking", and how it could change our philosophical, scientific and social outlook. Allright, technically it's not about "microvita" at all..

Microvita & Cosmology: Into the boundless ocean
Thu. July 21, Afternoon knowledge session
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In this session we will explore some of the amazing implications of microvita science in the fields of bio-psychology, quantum physics and creative lab research. With lots of great graphics and animations. I'll follow Albert Einstein's advice: "Explain everything as simple as possible - but not simpler".

Microvita & Cosmology: discussion
Sat. July 23, Afternoon knowledge session
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After my talk in Sweden Training Centre a few years ago, one of the trainees said: "I think it would need a true sadvipra society in order to maximum utilize the possibilities of microvita science". Let's think about that for a moment as a motivation for our microvita discussion during this PROUT convention.

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